Flow is Officially Available on Alchemy

Alchemy Team
October 26, 2021

Flow, the home of NBA Top Shot, will now be accessible to all blockchain developers for free, through the Alchemy developer platform. 

Starting today, web3 developers will be able to seamlessly access Flow via the world-class developer platform that already powers the majority of the Ethereum ecosystem. 

Built by a stellar team and long-time Alchemy users, Dapper Labs, Flow has continued to gain mass developer and consumer adoption with stand out products like NBA Top Shot, and partnerships including Rarible and Genies. TopShot alone has generated more than $700 million in NFT sales since launch, helping create a massive digital asset ecosystem on Flow.

Flow’s next-gen blockchain solution has already attracted 1,000+ developers and teams for its combination of scalability, usability, and commitment to excellence. Opening up access to Alchemy will help expand and diversify Flow’s ecosystem to an even broader audience of developers worldwide. 

Flow continues to be among the top choices for blockchain developers, not only on NFT products but also DeFi and gaming dApps. This integration will establish a clear starting point for independent developers starting out and teams with large scale production applications alike. 

Alchemy will power the next generation of platforms being built on Flow by providing the tools developers need to supercharge their dApps, with solutions starting at the most powerful free tier in blockchain, up to higher-tier packages that scale to enterprise needs. 

Integrating with Flow through Alchemy is easy! Simply create a free Alchemy account, spin up an API key, set up Alchemy as your Flow Access node, and start building! Users can see the full list of supported API methods on the documentation, and follow along with the getting started guide for more tips.

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