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Assistant to Founders
San Francisco, CA
Our mission is to bring blockchain to a billion people. The Alchemy Platform is a world class developer platform designed to make building on the blockchain easy. We've built leading infrastructure in the space, powering over $105 billion in transactions for tens of millions of users in 99% of countries worldwide.

The Alchemy team draws from decades of deep expertise in massively scalable infrastructure, AI, and blockchain from leadership roles at leading companies and universities like Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Stanford, and MIT.

Alchemy recently raised a Series C1 at a $10.2B valuation led by Lightspeed and Silver Lake. Previously, Alchemy raised from a16z, Coatue, Addition, Stanford University, Coinbase, the Chairman of Google, Charles Schwab, and the founders and executives of leading organizations.

Alchemy powers the top blockchain companies globally and has been featured in TechCrunch, Forbes, Bloomberg, and elsewhere.

The Role

The Personal Assistant position is a high-exposure role -- you will be interacting with our investors, advisors, and our family and friends (both at Alchemy and outside of work)! Your day-to-day will consist of working closely with us to manage all aspects of our personal lives. You'll become intimately familiar with what it means to be a founder of a high-growth technology startup. Responsibility and ownership are unbounded - planning complex projects, managing day-to-day, hosting large weekend retreats - infinite room for growth.


  • Help achieve optimal health: We lead extremely busy lives, but also understand that our health is super important for us to give our best to Alchemy. This person will help research, plan, coordinate and outsource solutions for us to achieve our health, sleep, nutrition and fitness goals.
    • Include tasks such as: managing medical appointments, hiring and coordinate with personal trainers and cooks, and ensuring the pantry is stocked with healthy options.
    • Household Management: Developing processes and automating daily household tasks for us, and overseeing all projects in our respective homes.
      • Includes tasks such as: supervising and managing household staff (cleaners, cooks, maintenance personnel), and being at the home to oversee deliveries and maintenance work.
      • Entertaining: We love to host events with their close friends, investors, and celebrities that we’ve been fortunate to meet through our journey at Alchemy. This person will partner closely with us to plan, organize and create a regular system to celebrate special occasions and create magical experiences for the people we care about most.
        • Includes tasks such as: assisting and organizing dinners, hosting events, and selecting personal gifts for family and friends of Alchemy on our behalf.
        • Travel: This person will also be a whiz at coordinating personal travel for us and our families; including planning itineraries, shopping and packing for trips.
        • Financial Management: This person will also help oversee the system that will allow our financial matters to be well-organized and in order; including working with financial planners, bill payments and tracking personal expenses.
        • General Assistance: While we expect this person to be an amazing project manager and should be able to oversee the systems and people that will help to make our life run smoothly – they should also be open to rolling up their sleeves to run errands and complete various tasks to make sure the job gets done! 💪
        • Other Must Haves

          For more information on the role, as well as Joe and Nikil, please visit our notion page:


          • Live in San Francisco: This is an in person role. To be an effective team we need to operate together in person daily.
          • 100% Commitment: This must be your full time and top commitment - not part time. This role isn't suitable for people who have a side hustle at this time. Since you will be a right hand to the founders, we will hold you to similar standards as we hold any other owner and leader at the company. Since we are in hypergrowth, we are all hands on deck right now, and want to be as honest about that as possible. At times there will be weekend and late night work. I promise it will be fun, though, and I won't ask anything of you that I wouldn't ask of myself!
          • Integrity: You will have access to more of my sensitive information - both Alchemy and personal - than anyone else. Trust and integrity is an absolute must.
          • Easy To Work With: We hugely value working with people who are relaxed and friendly while also being intense and absolute hustlers. Our lives are crazy and only getting crazier (in the best way possible :). You need to be able to go with the flow, laugh when it seems the hardest, and remember that everything always works out for the best!
          • Chemistry: Getting along is critical in this role since we will be working together every single day. You can learn more about Nikil (personal website, not really updated for 10yrs 😂) and Joe! If you are high energy, love to laugh and are silly, and have a passion for personal development and growth, we will get along well!
          • 3+ years of work experience: This is a minimum. The range I think is best suited for this role is 5-10 years of experience. Ideally you’ve been in charge of the full life operations of a high profile family or senior executive - managing all aspect of their life (estates, travel, events, relationships, etc…).
          • Creativity: Come up with ways of doing things that other people said weren’t possible. There is always a way.
          • Strategic Thinking: How do we accomplish 10x what we’re doing today? Planning out long term roadmap, figuring out how to automate everything, and executing on short term solutions in tandem - how can we constantly improve?
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