Mint NFTs with amazing power. Made amazingly simple.

Build impressive NFT experiences with minimal to no blockchain experience. Get started with zero crypto.


An incredibly powerful platform for seamless NFT minting

Minting NFTs, simplified

Create the best possible UX for frictionless minting, buying, and selling of NFTs. We’ll handle all the underlying blockchain tech.

No crypto? No problem.

No need to own crypto to get started. We’ll handle the crypto payments needed for transaction costs (i.e. gas fees) and you just pay in USD.

Market-leading infrastructure

Access Alchemy’s best-in-class infrastructure. Launch your NFT collection without a hitch.

10x faster minting at scale

Our concurrent minting architecture creates NFTs rapidly and at massive scale, no matter how large the collection.

Total control, minimal effort

Simply specify prices, royalty fees, NFT attributes, and more via our smart contract template. Upload your NFT images and metadata via simple APIs.

Use Cases

Build the next big thing

Get early access


Use Easymint if you’re a company wishing to sell NFTs to your customers. Whether linked to real-life objects or not, these NFTs will provide the holders special perks such as discounts, early access to product drops, invitations to exclusive events and communities, and more.

Creator Platforms

Use Easymint if you’re a platform where creators engage with and deliver content to their fans. Creators can mint their own NFTs on your platform and distribute these limited digital collectibles to their audience, offering unique benefits such as access to NFT holder-only livestreams, personalized content, badged profiles pictures, and more.


Use Easymint if you’re a game producer wishing to sell NFTs of in-game items or playable characters that come with special powers, status, and access within the game.

Frequently asked questions

What is Easymint?

Easymint is a simple but powerful developer platform for minting NFTs. You can launch your NFT experience with minimal to no blockchain experience, and you don’t need to own or hold any crypto to get started.

Building an NFT experience from the ground-up - say, launching a new NFT collection - typically requires a good deal of domain expertise. At a high-level, you’d need to set up a crypto wallet compatible with the blockchain you want to launch your collection on (e.g. Ethereum), create and deploy a smart contract on that blockchain, then mint your NFTs on that contract address. The process of contract deployment and NFT minting will incur transaction costs (i.e. gas fees), which you’d have to pay for with cryptocurrency pre-loaded onto your wallet.

Easymint does away with all of these steps. Easymint instead deploys a smart contract and mints the NFTs on your behalf. You also won’t need to worry about holding your own crypto to handle the gas fees incurred, as Easymint will manage this automatically with its own backend wallets. You’ll only ever need to deal in fiat currency (e.g. USD) you’re already familiar with.

And by leveraging Alchemy’s world-class infrastructure, your NFTs will mint rapidly, securely, and at scale, no matter how large your project.

What can I build with Easymint?

You can use Easymint to build all kinds of NFT experiences. Whether you’re looking to launch your own collection or build your own platform to enable creators to mint NFTs for their fans, Easymint can get it done. Tell us what you’d like to build by signing up for early access here!

What blockchains does Easymint support?

Easymint supports multiple EVM chains - Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum, and Optimism.

I’m not a blockchain/web3/crypto company. Can I still use Easymint?

Absolutely. Easymint is designed to make it easy and seamless for anyone looking to build NFT experiences, whether you’re an experienced web3 developer or new to web3. Tell us what you’d like to build by signing up for early access here and we’ll explore together how to bring your NFT vision to life!

How can I get access to Easymint?

Sign up for early access by filling out this 15-second survey here!