Account Kit

Zero friction onboarding

No seed phrase, no gas. Bring users onchain in seconds with smart accounts.

Out-of-the-box smart accounts, ready in minutes

Level up your app with smart accounts: a smart contract wallet, powered by ERC-4337 account abstraction.

Account Kit

Everything you need to ship ERC-4337 smart accounts: powerful APIs, secure contract accounts, and a simple SDK.

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A simple, powerful interface to integrate Account Abstraction in your app, offering custom developer experience, flexibility, and extensibility.

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Smart Contract Account

Secure, audited 4337-compliant smart contract accounts. Easy to deploy seamlessly, just when your users need them.

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Integrations with the most popular wallet providers, and flexibility to add more. Secure your accounts with social login, passkeys or a self-custodial wallet signer.

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Bundler APIs

The most reliable ERC-4337 Bundler. Land your UserOps onchain at massive scale.

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Gas Manager APIs

A programmable API to abstract away gas fees for UserOps that meet your criteria. Configure gas policies via REST API or the Alchemy Dashboard.

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"Alchemy's AA infra has played a crucial role in powering CyberAccount, contributing massively to our ability to serve hundreds of thousands of users in real time. Their team's quick response times and attention to detail have been fundamental to our success."

Ryan Li Headshot
Ryan Li
Co-Founder, CyberConnect

Your fully integrated account solution

Built on top of Supernode, Rundler, and Alchemy’s battle-tested infrastructure.

Account Abstraction

A complete AA toolkit plus Alchemy's legendary full-stack developer platform.

Free forever

The largest & most powerful free tier in web3.
Account Kit
Bundler API
Gas Manager API on testnets
Gas Manager Admin API
UserOp Simulation API
300M CUs/mo (~300k UserOps)
Up to 10 Gas Manager Policies
For companies like:
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Ink Finance
Vowel X
Voxel X
Thousands of active developer teams are on this plan


Most popular
Grows with your business.
Everything in Free plus:
Gas Manager API on mainnets
400M CUs/mo (~400k UserOps)
Gas Manager 8% admin fee
$100/mo gas sponsorship limit
For companies like:
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Ambire Wallet
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Billed yearly
Save 30%


New plan
The cheapest option in web3; enterprise discounts, no salesperson required.
Everything in Growth plus:
1.5B CUs/mo (~1.5M UserOps)
Gas Manager 7% admin fee
Up to 50 Gas Manager Policies
$500/mo gas sponsorship limit
For companies like:
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Earnfi logo


For organizations who need custom throughput and world class support
Custom User Ops per month
Committed response-time SLAs
Custom gas sponsorship fees
SSO / Auth Management access
Custom gas sponsorship limits
Committed usage discounts
24/7 engineering team access
Custom throughput
Custom On-Demand discounts
Usage optimization reviews
24/7 VIP support channel
Custom terms
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