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Developer-first pricing


Web3’s most powerful free tier.

  • Feature icon 0300 million CUs per month
  • Feature icon 1Full Alchemy development platform
  • Feature icon 2All mainnets & testnets
  • Feature icon 3Testnet only gas sponsorship
  • Feature icon 4Discord support
  • supernode-iconNode APIs
  • Feature icon 6Webhooks
  • Feature icon 7NFT API
  • embedded accountsEmbedded Accounts
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A plan that grows with your business.

    Everything in Free plus:
  • Feature icon 0400 million CUs per month
  • Feature icon 1Scalable capacity on demand
  • Feature icon 224/7 live chat support available
  • custom alerts iconCustom Alerts
  • Feature icon 4Debug APIs
  • Feature icon 5Trace APIs
  • Feature icon 6Transaction APIs
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For companies like:
Save 30%
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Self-serve, enterprise discounts.

    Everything in Growth plus:
  • Feature icon 01.5B CUs/mo (~1.5M UserOps)
  • Feature icon 1Up to 50 Gas Manager Policies
  • Feature icon 2Gas Manager 7% admin fee
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For companies like:

For organizations who need custom throughput and world class support

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  • Horizontal price card icon24/7 engineering team access
  • Horizontal price card iconCustom on-demand discounts
  • Horizontal price card icon24/7 VIP support channels
  • Horizontal price card iconCommitted response time SLAs
  • Horizontal price card iconSSO / auth management access
  • Horizontal price card iconPrioritized alpha / beta access
  • Horizontal price card iconCommitted usage discounts
  • Horizontal price card iconCustom throughput
  • Horizontal price card iconUnlimited apps
  • Horizontal price card iconPay in crypto
  • Horizontal price card iconDedicated marketing support
  • Horizontal price card iconCustom terms
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Pre-paid compute units100,000,000/ mo
Pre-paid cost$49/ mo
Auto-scaling cost$1.20/1M CU/ mo
100 million Compute Units / mo
Scale /mo
Scale /yr

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have more questions about our plans? Email [email protected].

  • You're just a few clicks away! Free, Growth and Scale Tiers are entirely self-serve. Chat with our team to get started on Enterprise.

    Once you choose your tier and sign-up, you're good to go with near-instant access to the best developer platform in web3. To set up your Dashboard and make your first request, check out the step-by-step Getting Started Guide on our docs.

  • If you value key benefits, e.g., 24/7 engineering access, a dedicated team, committed SLAs, etc. OR if you plan to use more than 20B Compute Units (CUs) / month, require more than 20k CUPS (throughput),  then you should talk to our team and get set up on an Enterprise plan!

    If you are going to use at least 600M CUs / month, you should sign up for Scale Yearly and access the 31% savings discount. If you can’t commit to a year of savings, sign up for Scale Monthly.

    If you will use no more than 600M CUs / month, sign up for Growth!

    If you’re just getting started, sign up for Free Tier! Our Free Tier is the most powerful in the industry, with access to 300M CUs / month, full Core and Enhanced API access across Mainnets and Testnets and full archive data. It's a great place to start for any teams new to web3.

  • Across tiers, the biggest differentiators are: capacity (Compute Units or CUs), throughput (CUs per second), product access, customer support, and custom terms. As your app’s usage increases, your team will unlock new benefits to meet your growing needs.

    Capacity (CUs)

    With Free, Growth, and Scale Monthly, there is a fixed number of included CUs:

    • For Free tier users, usage will stop after the included CUs have been consumed (300M).

    • For Growth and Scale Monthly users, any usage accrued beyond the included CUs will be charged an On-Demand rate ($1.20 / M CUs for Growth, $1.00 / M CUs for Scale).

    With Scale Yearly and Enterprise, customers can choose how many CUs to commit to beyond the plans' included CUs:‍

    • For Scale Yearly, commit to up to 20B CUs / month. Any usage accrued beyond the committed amount will be charged the Scale On-Demand rate ($1.00 / M CUs).

    • For Enterprise, commit to any amount of CUs / month. Any usage accrued beyond that committed amount will be charged a agreed-upon On-Demand rate.

    Throughput (CUPS)

    • Each tier has increasing CUPs (throughput) to accommodate your app as it scales.

    • On Enterprise and Scale Yearly, your throughput increases proportionally with the CUs you commit to; Scale Yearly guarantees 3k and caps your CUPS at 20k; Enterprise guarantees 5k, with the ability to access unlimited CUPS, when needed.

    Product access & Support

    Alchemy offers the most generous Free Tier in web3. But there are product and support benefits that come with each new tier. Check out a breakdown in the table above.

    Custom benefits

    We will work one-to-one with all Enterprise customers to design a custom plan, e.g., security benefits, guaranteed SLAs, etc., fit for your needs. If this is for you, talk to our team.

  • Alchemy currently supports Ethereum:

    • Mainnet

    • Göerli

    • Sepolia

    Alchemy also supports various Layer 2 solutions and their testnets:

    Alchemy also supports other Layer 1 solutions:

  • What are the key benefits included in the Scale tier?

    1. Maximize savings: Scale Tier is the most affordable full-stack platform in web3.

    2. Self-serve flexibility: Use a self-serve model to get started and choose your plan duration and required capacity.

    3. Choose between Yearly or Monthly: increase the size of your yearly plan as needed, with the option to commit up to 20B CUs / month

    What are the primary differences between Scale Yearly and Scale Monthly?

    Beyond what's listed above, a couple additional considerations when choosing between Scale Yearly and Scale Monthly:

    • Scale Monthly includes a fixed number of CUs / month (1.5B); usage above that will be charged the $1.00 / M CU Scale Tier On-Demand rate.

    • Scale Yearly includes the 1.5B CUs / month but also enables customers to choose how many additional CUs to commit to, above the included 1.5B and up to 20B.

      • These pre-paid CUs are charged at $0.70 / M CU, a 30% discount off the Scale Tier On-Demand Rate.

      • Usage above those pre-paid CUs will be charged the $1.00 / M CU Scale Tier On-Demand rate.

    If I commit to Scale Yearly, can I adjust my committed CUs within the 1-year period?

    Once you have committed to a Scale Yearly plan, you cannot reduce your commitment within the year. However, within the year, you can increase your committed CUs via your Developer Dashboard.

    Do I need to talk to the Sales Team if signing up for Scale Tier (Yearly or Monthly)?

    Scale Yearly and Scale Monthly are designed to be entirely self-serve, so you can get started in just a few clicks. But if you have any questions, you can always reach out to our team. They’ll help you pick the right plan!

  • When do I get billed?

    Growth Tier subscription fees are invoiced on the 3rd of each month; on-demand charges associated with the subscriber's usage for each monthly billing period are invoiced separately in the following month.

    If you sign up mid-month, you'll be issued a prorated invoice for the duration of the month. For example, if you sign up on May 23 and is billed for prorated service period of May 23 to June 2, and billed for the entire month of June on June 3.

    Where can I see and pay my invoices?

    Account Admins can access invoices in the dashboard in the Past Invoices tab: Past Invoices → View invoice.

    How do I update my payment details?

    Your payment details (e.g. credit card details, billing address) can be updated in the Admin section: Admin → Billing → Payment Details

    How do I update who receives invoices and billing emails?

    Invoice mailing list can be updated in ≈ → Details → Invoice Settings.

    Where can I see my usage history?

    Your platform usage summary is accessible by navigating Admin → Usage. For usage data before the last 6 months, please reach out to [email protected].

    How can I set alerts and max on-demand spend limits?

    Alerts and max on-demand spend limits can be configured under the Scaling Policy section in Admin → Billing.

  • Can I change my subscription plan?

    Subscription plans can be updated under the Upgrade Plan section within your Developer Dashboard.

    How can I upgrade my account to the Enterprise tier?

    To upgrade to Enterprise, please reach out to our sales team here for additional details regarding our Enterprise tier.

  • What is an app?

    An app is your gateway to the blockchain! More specifically, it is a set of API keys and dashboards that keep all of your products and projects organized within Alchemy's suite of developer tools. Think 'Kyberswap Frontend' or '0x API Backend'.

    What are compute units (CUs)?

    A compute unit is a measure of how many resources (CPU, RAM, disk, etc) an API method consumes on Alchemy. A simple request like blockNumber only consumes 10 CUs, while a more complex request like eth_call consumes 26 CUs. You can see a full breakdown of CUs / method on our docs.

    Why does Alchemy use compute units and not per-request pricing?

    We're obsessed with providing the most developer-friendly experience across our platform, and this doesn't stop at pricing. Pricing on compute units allows us to provide developers with the most fair and transparent pricing possible. No more over-paying for simple requests - you only pay for what you use, period. Read more about our reasoning here.

    What is throughput?

    Throughput is a measure of the number of requests your application can send per second. It is often known as the applications "rate limit".

    Each application has reserved throughput, measured in Compute Units per Second (CUPS). Applications can greatly exceed their dedicated throughputs based off of elastic demand in our system.

    Since each request is weighted differently, we base this on the total compute units used rather than the number of requests

    For example, in the same second, if you send:

    • one `eth_blockNumber` @ 10 CUs (1 * 10)
    • two `eth_getLogs` @ 75 CUs (2 * 75)
    • two `eth_call` @ 26 CUs (2 * 26)

    212 CUPS

    330 CUPS is available for all free tier customers, therefore, this total Compute Unit Per Second would be OK for any Alchemy customer.

    Note that even if your application limit is 200 CUPS, this throughput will likely be allowed still by the system.

    What if I hit my application's throughput limit?

    If a large number of requests are sent at the same time, you may hit your throughput capacity. However, under Alchemy's elastic throughput system, users are guaranteed their given throughput limit (measured in compute units per second), but will often experience higher throughput in practice.

    In most instances, hitting your throughput limit will not affect your user's experience engaging with your application. As long as retries are implemented, the requests will go through in the following second.

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