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Base's cutting-edge Layer 2 solution will empower the next generation of decentralized applications. Available today on Alchemy.
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Account Abstraction

Alchemy’s Account Abstraction APIs and SDK, now available for builders on Base, make it easy to enable seamless transactions and simple, secure accounts.

Enterprise-Grade Security

Alchemy’s Enterprise-grade features, such as Single Sign On (SSO), ensure builders on Base have access to best-in-class security for their applications.

Scalability With Low Fees

Base is 10x cheaper vs. Ethereum. Together with Alchemy's seamlessly scalable infrastructure, builders can sustainably grow their applications while keeping user costs low.

EVM Equivalence

Build on Base with Alchemy’s powerful development platform to unlock the suite of APIs and tools that make powering multichain applications easier than ever.

Growing Builder Ecosystem

Alchemy infrastructure, powering $100B+ in onchain transaction volume, gives builders on Base access to a growing builder ecosystem.
“For those unfamiliar with Base Chain, it is the next-generation blockchain platform that has garnered global attention for its remarkable features, scalability, and unparalleled security. Built on a foundation of cutting-edge technology, Base Chain offers lightning-fast transaction speeds and minimal fees.”
Brian Armstrong, CEO of Coinbase
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Frequently Asked Questions

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When can I start building on Base with Alchemy?

Today! Head to our docs and get building!

What Alchemy products are available on Base?

Alchemy’s Supernode, the revolutionary blockchain engine that ensures infinite scalability, the strongest web3 reliability, and 100% data accuracy.
Alchemy SDK, offering the easiest way to connect an app to the blockchain, with just two lines of code.

Bundler APIs, letting you submit censorship-resistant transactions to smart contract accounts.

Gas Manager APIs, which allows you to cover gas costs for your users, and programmatically control gas policies using the Gas Manager Admin APIs.

Account Abstraction SDK, massively simplifying Account Abstraction development.

Smart Websockets, enabling you to subscribe to events and get notifications for web3 actions you care about.

Developer tools, including Sandbox and Logs, making it incredibly easy to explore new methods and optimize performance.

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