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Chain iconAccount Abstraction Infrastructure

Account Abstraction Infrastructure

ERC-4337 Bundler APIs. Gas Manager APIs. Account Abstraction SDK. Available on the largest EVM chains.

Bundler APIs

Simulate and land UserOperations onchain, reliably at scale.


Gas Manager APIs

Abstract away gas from your users, and programatically control gas policies using the Gas Manager Admin APIs.


Account Abstraction SDK

Integrate the Bundler, Gas Manager and LightAccount in minutes.

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Account Abstraction is going to massively improve the dapp user experience. With Alchemy's Bundler and Gas Manager APIs, it's possible to build dapps that will pave the way for mass web3 adoption

Smit Patoliya, CTO

Bitski's shift to Account Abstraction is a big unlock for people trying to crease 'invisible' web3 experiences, and Alchemy's new Bundler and Gas Manager APIs are powerful tools in that stack.

Donnie Dinch, CEO & Co-founder

With Alchemy's Account Abstraction APIs, we can dramatically simply processes for our web 2.5 customers, e.g., listening NFTs on secondary markets, without needing to pay for gas

Casey Kuhlman, CEO

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Enterprise-grade infrastructure

savings-iconThe full tech stack

Integrated with Alchemy's complete developer platform. Simulate UserOps to provide a transparent UX and get notified when UserOps are successfully executed.

EVM supportEVM support

The Account Abstraction Suite is available on Ethereum, Polygon, Base, Optimism and Arbitrum, Mainnet and Testnets.

Production-grade reliabilityProduction-grade reliability

Built on Alchemy's best-in-class, reliable infrastructure, so smart contract wallet primitives are always available to users.

Open sourcedOpen sourced

Built in partnership with the Ethereum Foundation and ecosystem peers, Alchemy's Bundler Client is open sourced for the 4337 community.

customization-iconProgrammatic control

Define how and when you will sponsor gas fees, and ensure policies are programmatically updated when certain rules are met.

Complete developer experienceComplete developer experience

Gain observability and reporting via the Alchemy Dashboard, with end-to-end tutorials and docs to get you started.

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What you can build with
Account Abstraction


    Self-custody without a seed phrase. No need to hold native crypto tokens. Frictionless login.

    Account automationAccount automation

    Alternative signature schemes. Scheduled transfers. Reblancing portfolios. Dollar-cost-averaging.

    fast-transactions-iconAdvanced transactions

    Scheduled, sponsor, and batch transactions. ERC-20 and stablecoin gas payments.


    Authentication and authorization schemes. Improved security access, such as 2FA. Multi-signature requirements. Account recovery mechanisms. Guarding approvals.

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Build blockchain magic with Alchemy

Alchemy combines the most powerful web3 developer products and tools with resources, community and legendary support.