We are working on a number of open-source software and hardware projects here at Software Alchemy, chiefly in the domain of entertainment (games, fun activities, and other ways of applying computer technology to make life more enjoyable and interesting).

There are many more projects afoot than you see here, but the projects shown below are the ones nearing a state of release, at least to the extent that it makes sense to start talking about them:

Lumos: Light Orchestration System

Lumos (named after the Latin word for “light”—lumen—and the initial letters of “orchestration system”) is an open source project for computer-controlled light displays. A popular use for this technology is the synchronization of Christmas lights to music or sound effects. Our project consists of the sequencing and control software used to orchestrate the shows, as well as an experimental hardware design for the controllers themselves.

The Lumos software is built as a re-usable framework which is useful for other applications as well. We have used it as the basis for our game show performance software, for example.

Supported Platforms: FreeBSD, Linux, Macintosh OSX, Windows 7, Windows XP.

Status: Under development. Preliminary code is already available for download, and more features are planned for release in time for Christmas 2015.

This project also includes open-source hardware controllers to mange the power loads being orchestrated.

Find out more at the Lumos SourceForge Site.

AthenaDBMS: Lightweight Network Database Management System

More information coming soon...


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