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Invest in innovation

Alchemy's APIs can power any web3 vertical, from NFTs to decentralized finance, gaming to infrastructure. Save thousands of hours of development time, to reinvest in innovation and excellent user experiences.


Enterprise-grade security

Built to meet your security standards. Single Sign On and Key Management Service to authenticate and protect your team, Transport Layer Security to keep your requests private, and partnerships with SOC II certified cloud providers.

24/7 account team

Your dedicated web3 team

With 24/7 access to your account team and Alchemy’s entire roster of engineers, Alchemy will become an extension of your web3 team. Ready to consult, advise and collaborate as you innovate and scale.


Learn how to build in web3

With programs like Alchemy University, web2 developers can become fluent web3 engineers in a few short weeks. Alchemy is committed to driving and championing web3 education across the ecosystem.


99.99% uptime

Blockchain architecture makes web3 reliability uniquely challenging. Alchemy’s revolutionary heterogeneous and redundant infrastructure ensures your web3 application is always available for your users.


Scale with demand

Elastic systems ensure infinite scalability; the same infrastructure that's enabled teams like OpenSea and 0x to grow from start ups to multi-billion dollar businesses.

Leading the industry

Powering global web3 growth

Partnering with web3's top chains

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Infrastructure & Tooling

The tools web2 companies need to move into web3

Single Sign On (SSO)

With multi-factor authentication (MFA), and use Role Based Access Control to limit employees’ access to only the resources they need

Transport Layer Security (TLS)

All of our API calls use TLS to help protect the integrity, privacy, and security of your requests

Secure cloud providers

We utilize Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, and Cloudflare, all of which are SOC 2 certified

Key Management Service (KMS)

We use cloud-native secrets management to properly secure internal secrets and keys


We combine best-in-class reliability with custom uptime guarantees

Response & resolution

Resolve technical questions with direct access to a global team of engineers, available 24/7, with custom SLA guarantees

Powering $33B in OpenSea sales

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7,800 annual eng hours saved after switching to Alchemy

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Resources at your fingertips

The resources to upskill your workforce and bring your team into web3, with tools to get you started and APIs to help you win.

Marketing & BD support

Partner with our GTM team to supercharge your launch and access  our network of hundreds of thousands of web3 devs and influencers.
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Alchemy University

Help your team fast-track their web3 education through curated courses, projects and code.
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Developer docs

View API references & guides for each API and supported chain.
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Tutorials for every use case

Access tutorials for step-by-step guidance on how to build the highest value use cases.
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Web3 guides

Learn about all the core web3 development concepts.
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Dapp Store

Access our Dapp store to find the perfect web3 tools and solutions for your business.
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Enterprise use cases

Explore challenges, use cases, and enterprise-grade solutions for over 80 industry verticals.
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Quarterly Developer Report

Read the Q4’22 report on web3 developer tailwinds.
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The enterprise program

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Commited use discounts
Custom SLAs
Pay with crypto
Unlimited apps
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Commited use discounts
Custom SLAs
Pay with crypto
Unlimited apps
Custom throughput
24/7 VIP support