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OpenSea: the go-to NFT marketplace

OpenSea: the go-to NFT marketplace



In ETH + Polygon sales since Alchemy's support


ETH + Polygon NFTs sold since Alchemy's support


Throughput for every auction powered by Alchemy

On OpenSea, sellers list their NFTs in auction, allowing buyers to bid and purchase with currencies including ETH, MATIC, SOL and USDC. With a thriving marketplace, handling millions of daily requests, OpenSea is the preferred and familiar platform for both web3 creators and collectors.

Whether it be new products or chain expansions, OpenSea continues to iterate on the products the community needs in order to confidently invest in web3, including:  

  • Verification tools to curb NFT imitation and plagiarism issues, including a badging system for authenticated creators and detection mechanisms to remove illegitimate content.  

  • Seaport, an open source protocol enabling more sophisticated and seamless NFT purchases. 

  • Drops on OpenSea providing creators with more comprehensive tooling including dedicated drop pages, improved discoverability on the homepage and the ability to mint directly using OpenSea’s site.

  • Expansions to Solana and Arbitrum, creating a marketplace to buy, sell and transfer NFTs built on each chain on OpenSea. 

"Alchemy has been irreplaceable in helping us to build our global marketplace. The Alchemy team is stellar, and we're excited about the products they continue to build for the ecosystem - including their recent support of Solana and Arbitrum. Alchemy’s support signifies a huge growth opportunity for driving further adoption and usage of the chain."

Shiva R., VP of Product, OpenSea

In order to maintain their competitive edge, OpenSea needs an infrastructure partner that enables them to scale. Since inception, they’ve prioritized platform reliability above all else. 

Alchemy is the only infrastructure platform that can seamlessly handle the volume of requests, enabling their user base to grow, and generate over $33B in total sales. 

Alchemy’s Supernode is the underlying tech enabling this growth - with infinite and instant scalability, while ensuring that all requests return accurate results for OpenSea users. 

"Alchemy has been crucial in helping us build, scale and debug transactions fueling our global marketplace. As the ecosystem grows, Alchemy continues to uplevel their game - optimizing their best-in-class infrastructure and building new features that fuel our user growth."

Kartik P., Head of Protocol, OpenSea

OpenSea first launched on Ethereum, but the speed and cost of transactions on the Layer 1 chain risked limiting OpenSea’s growth. OpenSea recognized that to continue to grow their NFT marketplace, they would need to expand to multiple chains - and they recognized the Polygon opportunity - a Layer 2, EVM-chain, offering scalability and affordability for their users. 

OpenSea transitioned their Polygon traffic to Alchemy in June 2021, as soon as Alchemy supported the chain; since then, over 11M Polygon NFTs have been sold using OpenSea. 

Alchemy’s Polygon endpoints give OpenSea the same reliable experience they had come to depend on with Alchemy’s Ethereum support. Now, by leveraging Alchemy on Polygon, OpenSea is able to save their users hundreds of dollars in gas fees, while enabling rapid transaction processing. 

OpenSea is excited to replicate these results on Solana and Arbitrum. 

OpenSea uses a variety of Alchemy’s enhanced APIs, making it easy to scale and create simplicity for their users. 

They utilize the Transfers API to fetch historical transactions of a given address in just one call; the alternative method to retrieve this data would require thousands of calls and indexing the entire blockchain.

They also use the Transactions Receipts API to retrieve transaction receipts for any block with a single call, which also would otherwise require numerous and expensive alternatives. And they leverage private transactions, a mechanism to exclude a transaction from the public mempool so that it is protected from arbitrage until it's included on chain.  

"Using your own node or an error-prone service means wasting hundreds of valuable engineering hours on building solutions to solved problems. Alchemy’s tools, including their enhanced APIs as well as their dashboard and mempool visualizer, have saved our team hundreds of hours of time that we can reinvest in other areas for our users.”

Kartik P., Head of Protocol, OpenSea

We are proud to partner with OpenSea and thrilled to have a front row seat as they continue pioneering the web3 ecosystem.

If you want to grow like OpenSea, sign up for an Alchemy account today!

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