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Transfers api icon
Transfers API

Transaction history, from genesis

In a single API call, this method returns the transaction history for a specific account or address, over any block range. Instead of having to traverse the entire chain, instantly get a list of transfer objects corresponding to the request parameters.

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Token metadata
Token metadata icon
token metadata

Essential token identifiers

In a single API call, this methods returns crucial token metadata for a given contract address. Giving you necessary information for computing user balances and displaying token information.

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Token balances icon
Token Balances

Account balances for each token

In a single API call, this method returns the token balances for a user address given a list of token contracts.

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Token balances
Token allowance
Token allowance icon
Token Allowance

Amount of tokens available

In a single API call, this method returns the amount of a given token that that a spender is allowed to withdraw from the token owner.

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Block api

Full transaction receipts,
from the entire block

In a single API call, this method returns the full transaction receipt for each transaction contained within a specified block.

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Trace API
Trace API icon
Trace API

Deeper transaction insights

With this suite of API calls, you can easily gain deeper insights into your transaction processing.

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Token balances icon
Debug API

Debugging made easy

In a single API call, this method will run a transaction in the same exact manner as it was executed on the network, replaying each transaction along the way.

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JavaScript Library
Web3 icon
Alchemy Web3

The most powerful Web3 library, in existence

Alchemy Web3 is a drop-in replacement for web3.js, built and configured to work seamlessly with Alchemy and provide multiple advantages like automatic retries and robust WebSocket support.

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Token balances icon
Pending Transactions

Full Pending Transactions

Subscription to receive full transaction receipts for all new pending transactions, instead of just the transaction hash.

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