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Alchemy Ventures invests in teams building revolutionary products for the web3 ecosystem.

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Our goal is to bring blockchain to a billion people

At Alchemy, our mission is to provide developers with the fundamental building blocks they need to create the future of technology. Through Alchemy Ventures, we'll be accelerating this mission by dedicating financing and resources to the most promising teams growing the Web3 ecosystem.

We’ve helped countless companies from day 1 turn into some of the most used applications in the space, and as a result, have incredible insight into the things that are most helpful for early-stage companies.

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xmtp logoCommunication for web3
roll logoPlatform for social tokens
genies logoAvatar technology company
matter labs logoScaling solution for Ethereum
connext logoNon-custodial transfers
RoyalOwnership platform for songs.
optimism logoScaling solution for Ethereum
buildspace logoWeb3 developer education
kurtosis logoWeb3 developer tooling
alta finance logoToken management
space and time logoDecentralized analytics
ponto logoWeb3 financial infrastructure
astar logoMulti-chain smart contracts
loop crypto logoWeb3 payments
solace logoDecentralized insurance
curious addy's logoWeb3 gaming
triangle logoWallet infrastructure
freshcut logoDecentralized gaming clips
mint kudos logoVerified NFTs
magna logoToken operations
unstoppable domains logoNFT domains
boardroom logoDAO governance aggregator
pinata logoDecentralized storage on IPFS
harbor logoWeb3 staging infrastructure
creator dao logoDAO for the creator economy
starkware logoZK-rollups for Ethereum
helius logoSolana indexing
genie logoNFT aggregator
shadow logoWeb3 indexing
ostium dex logoDEX and perpetuals
cymbal logoWeb3 explorer
catalyst amm logoCross-chain AMM
treasure.lol logoGaming on Arbitrum
worlds logoWeb3 gaming
argus labs logoWeb3 gaming
soul wallet logoAccount abstraction wallet

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