Index a fast, reliable GraphQL  API

Ship faster with a custom API for your on-chain data. Never worry about subgraph downtime or lag again.

Included with your Alchemy plan

Start using Subgraphs for free together with Alchemy's suite of developer tools.

Free forever

The largest & most powerful free tier in web3.
2 Subgraph Deployments
500K queries (per month)
5 queries / sec rate limit
250K stored entities
100k updated entities (per month)
For companies like:
Brawler Bearz
Thousands of active developer teams are on this plan


Most popular
Grows with your business.
Everything in Free plus:
10 Subgraph Deployments
1M queries (per month)
10 queries / sec rate limit
500K stored entities
250k updated entities (per month)
For companies like:
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Ambire Wallet
Billed yearly
Save 30%


New plan
The cheapest option in web3; enterprise discounts, no salesperson required.
Everything in Growth plus:
30 Subgraph Deployments
10M queries (per month)
30 queries / sec rate limit
1M stored entities
500k updated entities (per month)
Turbocharged Indexing
For companies like:
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For organizations who need custom throughput and world class support
Unlimited Subgraph Deployments
Custom EVM Chains
Custom queries (per month)
Dedicated Infrastructure
Custom rate limit
Direct SQL Access
Custom stored entities
Turbocharged Indexing
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