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Avalanche C-Chain on AlchemyAvalanche C-Chain

Accelerate with Avalanche

Deploy powerful, scalable onchain apps on Avalanche's high-performance C-Chain. Leverage EVM compatibility and the Avalanche consensus for lightning-fast, secure onchain solutions.

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The benefits of
Avalanche C-Chain

    Avalanche Consensus
    Avalanche Consensus

    Leverage a robust, decentralized consensus protocol combining classical and Nakamoto mechanisms. Enjoy high throughput, fast finality, and energy efficiency when launching highly-scalable onchain apps.

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    Precise Transactions

    The C-Chain is optimized for onchain apps that require total ordering. Total ordering ensures that transactions are processed in a specific sequence, helping DeFi use cases to sort out the order of operations.

    EVM Compatibility

    Write and deploy Ethereum-compatible smart contracts effortlessly. Use familiar languages and tools to migrate existing onchain apps to Avalanche's powerful ecosystem.

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