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What is a testnet?

A testnet faucet provides web3 developers with free tokens for deploying, testing, and optimizing smart contracts on test blockchains such as Sepolia, Goerli, and Mumbai.

Because smart contracts on public, mainnet blockchains like Ethereum and Polygon require gas fees to run smart contracts, testnets provide blockchain developers with a network that mirrors production blockchain environments without requiring gas fees that cost real money.


Get free test ETH & MATIC tokens

When you sign up for an Alchemy account today

How to use Alchemy Faucets

    Select your faucet
    Select your faucet

    Choose a testnet that best fits your development needs. We currently support Sepolia, Mumbai, and Goerli.

    Sign in with your Alchemy account
    Sign in with your Alchemy account

    To request funds, simply sign into your Alchemy account, enter your wallet address, and hit “Send Me ETH” or “Send Me MATIC”.

    Get funds every 24 hours
    Get funds every 24 hours

    You’ll see the funds in your wallet that you can use to test. You can request funds every 24 hours.

Faucet resources: Guides, templates, and tips

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