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Top Sepolia RPC Providers and Public Endpoints (2024)

Top Sepolia RPC Providers and Public Endpoints (2024)

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Published on 2023-03-033 min read

Sepolia is an Ethereum testnet that provides developers with a platform to test smart contracts and dapps using a Remote Procedure Call (RPC) provider. Sepolia allows developers to experiment with their code in a safe and controlled environment before deploying it on the mainnet without financial consequences.

In this article, we’ll explore six Sepolia RPC endpoint providers that can help you test smart contracts on the Sepolia testnet.

What is a Sepolia RPC provider?

A Sepolia RPC Provider provides an API endpoint through which developers can read and write information to the Sepolia blockchain. While developers can run their own Sepolia nodes, it is faster and less expensive to use an RPC provider to test applications on the Sepolia network.

One reason why developers are looking for Sepolia RPC providers is because the most popular Ethereum testnet, Goerli, is facing token scarcity issues. As a result, liquid GoerliETH/ETH markets are making Goerli an unsustainable testnet for the future. Compared to Goerli, Sepolia does not have a fixed number of SepoliaETH tokens, which prevents issues like the Goerli testnet's token scarcity.

Top Sepolia RPC Node Providers

Here are 6 Sepolia RPC endpoint providers that can help you streamline your dapp development and testing:

1. Alchemy

Alchemy is a leading provider of RPC node infrastructure, and provides developers with private endpoints for the Sepolia testnet. Additionally, Alchemy offers a variety of enhanced API endpoints, archive node support, and web3 developer tools like the Alchemy SDK.

To get started simply:

  1. Open a free account

  2. Create a new Sepolia app

  3. Get free SepoliaETH from Alchemy's public Sepolia Faucet

Alchemy’s RPC node service offers three pricing tiers to meet different needs and usage levels:

  • Free Tier - provides ~12 million transactions per month at no cost

  • Growth Tier - provides ~16 million transactions per month for $49/month

  • Enterprise Tier - customized usage and throughput tailored to specific requirements

With its reliable and scalable infrastructure, Alchemy is a trusted partner for web3 developers testing their dapps on the Sepolia testnet.

2. Sepolia.org

Sepolia.org is an independently run toolset for the Sepolia testnet, which offers a variety of useful features and resources for developers. Maintained by unnawut, it provides a range of RPC endpoints that developers can use to interact with the Sepolia network. The available RPC endpoints include:

  • RPC (Asia) - https://rpc.sepolia.org

  • RPC2 (Europe) - https://rpc2.sepolia.org

  • Status - https://status.sepolia.org

These endpoints provide free, public access to the network and can help developers optimize the performance and scalability of their applications.

3. Bordel.wtf

Bordel is a small community that offers a public RPC endpoint to enable users to easily deploy and run smart contracts on the Sepolia blockchain.

As a trusted RPC endpoint provider for the Sepolia test network, users rely on Bordel’s secure and reliable infrastructure to seamlessly interact with the network.

To access the endpoint, visit: https://rpc.bordel.wtf/sepolia

4. RockX

RockX offers access to Sepolia node infrastructure, allowing users to focus on building instead of managing and maintain Sepolia nodes. RockX offers two pricing tiers for their node service to suit their users’ needs accordingly:

  • Free Tier - $0/month with up to 100,000 requests/day

  • Growth Tier - $49/month with up to 800,000 requests/day

5. Omniatech

Omniatech offers a secure and highly available endpoint that provides privacy, security, and compliance for Ethereum developers. Omniatech protects users from malicious threats, enables front-running protection, and its free subscription allows up to 100,000 requests/day.

6. BlockPi

BlockPi is dedicated to delivering high-quality and efficient RPC services. BlockPi's distributed network is designed to avoid single-points of failure and provide reliability and consistency to its users.

BlockPi provides a free tier and two paid tiers:

  • Elementary Tier - $49/month with 500,000,000 request units

  • Premium Tier - $299/month with 4,000,000,000 request units

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