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Start streaming data in under 5 min

Save engineering time with fast backfills and reliable, real-time ingestion pipelines.

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Blockchain data pipelines made easy

Set up a pipeline in minutes
Set up a pipeline in minutes

Select your data source (blocks, transactions, raw logs, decoded logs)
and your desired sink in under 5 minutes.

Receive new data instantly

Ingest data within seconds of it being published on-chain.

Backfill data 100x faster
Backfill data 100x faster

Backfill all logs from supported EVM chains 100x faster or more than with RPCs.

Reduce maintenance time
Reduce maintenance time

Reduce your infrastructure scope and costs by offloading data ingestion and validation to us.

Handle re-orgs seamlessly
Handle re-orgs seamlessly

Automatically handle chain re-orgs with out-of-the-box data retraction.

Here’s how to get started

select a supported chain and data source
configure your desired destination
start seeing data flow in
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Stream blockchain data

"Doodles spends countless engineering hours building and maintaining our in-house event scraper. Alchemy Pipelines saves every web3 team from rebuilding the same system."
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Javier Pozzi

Blockchain Engineer, Doodles

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Data pipelines for companies of every size

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