Billions of dollars traded globally on 0x.
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0x is the global backbone for decentralized exchanges, enabling hundreds of billions of trades to flow through all major blockchains. And for three years, Alchemy has been the platform 0x trusts to drive reliable solutions for sustained growth.

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"Alchemy's technology and team are best-in-class. Just like our integrators who trust 0x's proven exchange infrastructure to build their businesses on, we trust Alchemy to provide the most reliable and scalable solutions to support our continued growth. The team wins with RPC response times, reliable and accurate data and a highly responsive team."
- Charles Reese, Engineering Manager, 0x Labs
Powering a global exchange protocol with reliable and scalable web3 infrastructure

We all have heard of the association between decentralization and web3: by enabling peer-to-peer value exchange, web3 removes the need for intermediary institutions like banks to own or control assets. Decentralized exchanges are a core solution, serving as marketplaces for peer-to-peer trading. But if you want to build a decentralized exchange, where do you start? Probably with 0x. 0x is the global backbone for decentralized exchanges (DEXs), making it significantly easier for any team to create or operate a DEX. 0x does this by connecting and aggregating liquidity supply, from teams like Bancor and Sushiswap, with trading demand, from platforms like dYdX, Zapper and 0x’s own Matcha. So if a developer wants to start a DEX, they can use 0x's API and quickly and reliably tap into multi chain liquidity, making it that much easier to incorporate exchange functionality into their applications. Users reap the benefits: more markets for tokenized assets, including cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

Alchemy is the only platform that gives 0x what they need to grow

After reviewing and testing the available solutions, 0x Labs concluded that Alchemy was the only platform they could count on to actualize their ambitious vision: build a tokenized world where all value can flow freely.  Because so many businesses rely on 0x for their success, 0x needs a developer platform that they can trust 24 hours a day to:

• Scale infinitely
• Maintain complete data accuracy
• Provide 100% reliability

0x found that Alchemy is the only complete developer platform that can consistently deliver on these dimensions. 

“Alchemy allows all of our integrators to have more responsive experiences and it allows us to offer a more reliable service - we’re able to generate quotes
in less than a second.”

- Charles Reese, Engineering Manager, 0x Labs

0x is proud to serve their developers, and Alchemy is proud to serve 0x.

What is the 0x protocol?

0x is open-source, decentralized infrastructure that enables the exchange of tokenized assets across all major blockchains. Developers can use 0x to add flexible, multi-chain exchange functionality into their applications and create new markets for all tokenized assets, including DeFi tokens and NFTs. 0x offers secure, audited smart contracts and a professional-grade API.

Which blockchains and testnets does 0x use Alchemy to power?

Alchemy currently supports 0x on the following chains:

• Ethereum
• Polygon
• Optimism

Because Alchemy takes a multi-chain blockchain infrastructure approach, protocol builders like 0x can benefit wherever they’d like to build!

How does 0x use Alchemy?

Alchemy node infrastructure and developer tooling helps to power 0x’s best-in-class performance, including 99.9% uptime and 2% revert rate. 0x does this with:

• Alchemy Supernode, enabling 0x to maintain a reliable RPC connection to all the blockchains they support
• Alchemy Monitor, to continuously check on system health and usage insights
• Alchemy's Enhanced APIs, to access higher-level abstractions for blockchain APIs

Get started using Alchemy today!

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