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Zapper launches new web3 explorer, built on Alchemy

Zapper launches new web3 explorer, built on Alchemy



Discoverable rabbit holes on Zapper v2


Cost savings with Alchemy


Requests per minute to Alchemy's Infrastructure

We were already using Alchemy for Polygon and Arbitrum support. We tested Alchemy on Ethereum and never looked back. It resulted in higher performance and significant cost savings for us.

Marc-Antoine Proulx, Manager of Operations, Zapper

Pioneering Blockchain Data Discovery

Blockchain data is growing exponentially. Most of the data is disorganized, siloed, and inaccessible – making it hard to understand how the web3 ecosystem fits together. Unlike web2, where data is centralized, web3 data is owned by users. But mapping out how web3 transactions are related to each other, each with a unique user and action, is almost impossible. 

In service of their mission to make web3 accessible by translating on-chain information into rabbit holes that anyone can explore, Zapper wants to fix the web3 data discovery problem.

With the first web3 value graph, a map between NFTs, DeFi, apps, DAOs, wallets, and coins, Zapper has created radical interconnectedness across all aspects of web3.

Is there a hot NFT project that’s quickly rising?
Track all activity on the NFT dashboard. 

Want to track the wallets of the best traders in the world?
Zapper allows you to search, view and follow their wallet to see what NFT collections or DAOs you may have in common. 

Need a new DeFi protocol to generate yield?
Zapper has a list of trending protocols with easily accessible metrics like their APY and TVL.

Zapper’s display of Vitalik.eth’s wallet
Zapper’s display of Vitalik.eth’s wallet

Re-Building from Scratch With Alchemy

Building a first-of-its-kind web3 search engine requires reliable and scalable infrastructure. Previously, Zapper's portfolio display relied on a combination of different blockchain infrastructure companies, and they leveraged Alchemy for Arbitrum and Polygon support.

After conducting a variety of stress tests on different infrastructure providers, the results were clear: Alchemy’s service was the most performant, which translated into significant cost savings. Based on these results, Zapper transitioned to Alchemy for Ethereum and Optimism support, too. 

We ran a variety of benchmarking tests for different blockchain infrastructures. The results were clear: Alchemy was more reliable and stable across every type of request. This translated to significant cost savings for us.

Marc-Antoine Proulx, Manager of Operations, Zapper

Fast On-Chain Indexing

Zapper’s NFT indexer relies on on-chain data, ingested and stored in an easy-to-use, accessible database. Through this indexing, Zapper users are able to discover trending collections and relevant transactions as soon as they happen.

Zapper indexes the blockchain with Alchemy infrastructure 
Zapper indexes the blockchain with Alchemy infrastructure 

In this diagram, Zapper ingests transactions through Alchemy and decodes them into actionable insights for their users.

Maintaining Data Accuracy

Building a product designed to provide uniquely actionable insights requires that the ingested data is 100% accurate and reliable

As Zapper moves into the search engine space, they have started to utilize Alchemy’s Trace API, which provides an in-depth look at every transaction on the blockchain.

No other provider in web3 offers as many trace endpoints, which give developers the detailed on-chain activity insights necessary to interpret blockchain data accurately. Alchemy’s Trace API provides this in-depth data, thus making the information surfaced on Zapper more accurate.  

Initially we were not using traces and figured we were missing about 5-10% of collections. With the data accuracy of Alchemy’s Trace API, we receive the correct data for every call, 100% of the time.

Felix Descoteaux, Senior Lead Software Developer, Zapper
list of trace api calls

Seamlessly Managing Multichain

Zapper’s product utilizes a multitude of blockchains, including Ethereum, Arbitrum, Optimism, and Polygon. Through Alchemy’s Dashboard, Zapper’s able to manage these multi-chain connections in one place – supercharging their development speed.

Zapper’s Alchemy Dashboard
Zapper’s Alchemy Dashboard

Alchemy’s Dashboard also gives insights into metrics like average request latency, compute units and throughput. These are all key metrics that help ensure a dApp is working properly and making it easier to debug issues when they arise.

What’s Next 

Zapper’s unique product, built In tandem with the most scalable and reliable blockchain web3 infrastructure, will make them a popular destination for millions of web3 customers. Alchemy is proud to support them as their infrastructure partner.


Here are some frequently asked questions about

What is Zapper?

Zapper is a web3 explorer. They’ve built out the first web3 value graph, a map between NFTs, DeFi, apps, DAOs, wallets, and coins – allowing users to explore as deep and wide as they want, all in one place.

Users are able to connect and share their collections and profiles with others, follow and see what their favorite investors and connections are holding and doing on-chain, and learn from their peers. All this, while respecting web3’s core values of privacy and pseudo-anonymity.

How does Zapper use Alchemy?

Multi-Chain Support

Zapper gets access to multiple blockchains such as Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum, and Optimism all on web3 development platform.


Alchemy's Supernode gives Zapper best in-class reliability, scalability, and data accuracy for blockchain infrastructure.

Trace API

Alchemy's Enhanced API suite contains the Trace API endpoint, giving Zapper access to in-depth details about every transaction occuring on the blockchain.


Alchemy's Dashboard allows Zapper to manage their dApps in one place, with relevant statistics for development and monitoring app health.

How do I get started on Alchemy?

Get started using Alchemy today!

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