Scalability and Security with ZK-Rollups

Build on StarkNet and tap into high speeds and low fees,with the benefits of Ethereum composability and security.

How it Works

The benefits
of Starknet

Scalability and speed

StarkNet’s zero-knowledge rollups increase scalability by “rolling up” a significant amount of information into a single transaction. This reduction in computing translates to significantly higher transaction speeds.

Gas savings

Compared to Layer 1 solutions, StarkNet’s proprietary STARK technology can help developers and users realize over 100x in gas savings.

Composability and speed

As a Layer 2 solution, StarkNet maintains the composability benefits of Ethereum-based chains, making it easy for teams to develop and innovate high-security applications.
“StarkNet is abuzz with devs building their Web3 DApps, and we’re proud of the innovation that’s already underway on StarkNet. Now, it’s about to become even more lively, thanks to the game changing partnership with Alchemy. By using Alchemy’s infrastructure, so many more projects will become part of the StarkNet L2 building boom.”
Uri Kolodny, Co-Founder and CEO of Starknet
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