Scalability, savings and security with ZK-Rollups

Build on Starknet for low-cost scalability, Ethereum composability and native Account Abstraction.

How it Works

The benefits
of Starknet

Starknet is an Ethereum Layer (L2) network based on ZK-Rollups, making it safe, fast, and cost-effective to scale breakthrough dapps.


Starknet's ZK-Rollups enable bundling many transactions into a single state change, enabling superior throughput while reducing gas fees.


Starknet unlocks significant gas savings by targeting Ethereum's L1 calldata cost which can account for 95% of transaction fees.


As a L2 network, Starknet maintains the composability of Ethereum, making it easy to create applications that leverage built-in EVM security benefits.

Native Account Abstraction

Starknet is a leader in deploying UX-revolutionizing Account Abstraction (AA), and a trailblazer at integrating it at the protocol level.

That means developers using Starknet natively benefit from AA without having to re-program their Externally Owned Accounts (EOAs) into Smart Contract Accounts (SCAs).

“Alchemy and Starknet are a great match. Alchemy makes it easy to build dapps, and Starknet provides the scale and features they need to achieve widespread adoption. Together, we’ve created the most solid foundation to support a thriving builder ecosystem and valuable end-user experiences.”
Gal Ron,  Product Manager and Blockchain Researcher at StarkWare

A trailblazing network meets web3's most trusted developer platform

Starknet's network scalability coupled with Alchemy's platform scalability offers the perfect combination for developers looking to build dapps on L2s secured by ZK-Rollups.

Plus, Alchemy's battle-tested reliability and data accuracy provide the backup you'll need to ship the smoothest Starknet experiences.

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