Introducing Alchemy Monitor: The All-In-One Dashboard For Blockchain Developers

Alchemy Team
June 15, 2020

Today we are excited to introduce Alchemy Monitor, our comprehensive suite of dashboards and alerts for blockchain app health, performance, and user behavior. All the data you need, right at your fingertips.

Traditional monitoring tools don’t capture the data that blockchain developers need to understand how to improve performance. This lack of transparency makes it impossible to know where to start, and too often developers learn about errors at the same time as their users. Rather than uncovering and addressing issues in advance, blockchain developers are forced to interrupt their workflow and fight fires under pressure, sacrificing nights of sleep in the process.

Alchemy Monitor helps developers proactively prevent issues through real-time dashboards and automated alerts containing critical information about their app’s overall health. Developers can also rely on Alchemy Monitor for driving growth and scaling efficiently as the tool provides  deep insights into user behavior and real-time methods for optimizing performance. Like the rest of the Alchemy developer platform, it’s fast and simple to set up. No code, no configuration -- it works out of the box.

Here’s how developers get the most out of Alchemy Monitor:

Command Center: Instantly check on the high-level health of all your apps in one place, including requests per second, response time, and error rates.

Alchemy Monitor | Command Center

Usage Analytics: Review specific app usage over time, compare and contrast production and staging or two different apps completely, and even deep dive into app usage by method.

Alchemy Monitor | Usage Analytics

User Insights: Draw invaluable insights on user behavior with geographic, traffic, and activity data.

Alchemy Monitor | User Insights

Alerts & Digests: Receive automated alerts whenever apps hit rate limits or make invalid requests. In addition to a daily report of key health metrics so you are always up to date.

Alchemy Monitor | Alerts & Digest

Alchemy Monitor allows us to analyze our API calls using a multitude of filters. This gives us better insight into how to optimize our requests, as well as a much faster way of debugging any problems in our own systems.

Brendan Chou, Engineer at dYdX

At Alchemy, our mission is to provide blockchain developers with everything they need to build the next generation of internet companies. But you can’t build what you can’t see. That’s why top Ethereum teams like Maker, Kyber, and 0x use Alchemy to stay healthy, drive growth and delight users. 

Get started now with Alchemy Monitor.


Alchemy is the world’s most powerful blockchain developer platform, relied upon by millions of users and 70% of the top blockchain apps including Maker, 0x, MyEtherWallet, Dharma, and Kyber. Backed by Stanford University, Coinbase, the Chairman of Google, Charles Schwab, and globally recognized founders and executives, Alchemy powers billions of dollars of transactions for top companies around the world and has been featured in TechCrunch, Wired, Bloomberg and numerous other media outlets. The Alchemy team draws from decades of deep expertise in massively scalable infrastructure, distributed systems, and artificial intelligence with leadership roles at Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Stanford, and MIT. Our mission is to supercharge the next tectonic shift in technology with the world’s most powerful blockchain developer platform.

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