Alchemy To Power Socket, A Revolutionary Web3 Bridging Aggregator

Alchemy To Power Socket, A Revolutionary Web3 Bridging Aggregator

Author: Alchemy Team

Reviewed by Brady Werkheiser

Published on May 3, 20222 min read

Socket’s mission is to power truly multichain, interoperable apps. We’re thrilled to announce that to reach their ambitious goals, they’re partnering with Alchemy. 

“It was a breeze integrating and using Alchemy's Supernode. We believe Supernode will supercharge Socket, and provide a delightful experience to the multi chain teams building on Socket!"                      
- Arth Patel, Head of Engineering, Socket

Socket unifies the multi chain ecosystem by connecting chains and making it easy to transfer value between them. How do they do this? By aggregating liquidity across bridges including Multichain, Hop & Celr, and DEXs like Paraswap and 1 inch, so exchanging any token can happen with just one integration. 

Bridging is the process of transferring tokens from one network to another. By linking two blockchain networks, blockchain bridges allow dApps to get the benefits of both networks, e.g.,the scalability of Polygon with the transaction speed of Solana. 

But there are many bridging solutions to choose from, and it’s hard to understand the nuanced distinctions between each one. And further, bridging can be expensive - with gas prices that can sometimes outweigh the value of the overall transaction. 

Socket aims to solve the challenge of “how to choose a bridging solution”, by aggregating liquidity and data across bridges and DEXs - so developers no longer have to choose just one. This value prop makes Socket the easy choice for the multichain efforts of some major names in Web3, including Zapper, Zerion and Brahma. 

Socket's position in the Web3 Stack
Socket's position in the Web3 Stackhttps://blog.alchemy.com/blog/web3-stack

Socket realizes that with a product as in-demand as theirs, they need backend infrastructure that allows them to scale to meet the demand. That’s where Alchemy comes in. 

“We chose to work with Alchemy because we wanted a reliable infrastructure that could scale even during high traffic requests. The responsive & world-class support is the cherry on top.”                       
- Arth Patel, Head of Engineering, Socket

Socket uses Alchemy’s Supernode as the backbone for their entire bridging infrastructure, including fetching token balances, quotes and setting up watchers across chains that work blazingly fast.

And they’re excited about the full suite of solutions Alchemy provides. 

“The concept of compute units and not absolute request limits is a game changer. The dashboards have all the info that’s needed and can debug quite easily. IT NEVER FAILS!”                                                       
- Vamsi, Senior Blockchain Developer

We’re thrilled about all there is to come for Socket and we’re excited to help them grow. Socket's one of many amazing projects building on Alchemy. Get started for free today.

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