Custom Webhooks Upgraded: Variables, Filters, and Block Freshness

Custom Webhooks Upgraded: Variables, Filters, and Block Freshness

Author: Alchemy Team

Reviewed by Brady Werkheiser

Published on September 12, 20232 min read

Your real-time blockchain data streams just got upgraded.

Three brand-new enhancements to Custom Webhooks are now available:

  • Block Freshness Improvements - Instantly make your app’s UX dramatically faster

  • Variables - Easily update your webhook queries with any amount of new values at any time

  • Transaction-Level Filters - Narrow data streams so you only get the exact data you need

Get started for free to access the newly upgraded Custom Webhooks today!

What if your app could immediately feel ‘snappier’ with faster blockchain data streams?

Bolstering your app’s snappiness with the freshest real-time blockchain data ensures your app stands out from the pack and keeps users coming back. When it comes to blockchain data, even milliseconds can make a significant difference in your user’s experience.

With a massive 2.5x reduction in latency, Custom Webhook’s recent block freshness improvements can cause your UX to be faster by over a second, which will instantly make your app feel much snappier and your users much happier:

Median Block Lag Drops Below 1 Second
Median Block Lag Drops Below 1 Second

Want to update a webhook without deleting or recreating your GraphQL query?

By using variables for Custom Webhooks, you can now dynamically insert values into GraphQL webhook queries.

This allows you to update queries with a single string vs. needing to change entire GraphQL statements every time you want to add or remove an address, enabling substantial efficiency gains when monitoring address lists that need to be updated often.

Variables also massively increase the scope of your blockchain data streams, letting you track on-chain activity for millions of addresses instead of only thousands:

Maximum Address List Size Now Over 5,000,000
Maximum Address List Size Now Over 5,000,000

Transaction-level filters for Custom Webhooks remove unnecessary ingestion costs and infrastructure overhead by giving you ultimate flexibility to precisely filter your real-time blockchain streams, ensuring you get exactly the external or internal transaction data you need:

Filter Out The Noise
Filter Out The Noise

Transaction-level filters also unlock a whole new set of data you can get updated on, such as instantly receiving notifications whenever a specific address or contract makes a trade or swap:

More Powerful Notifications
More Powerful Notifications

Read the quickstart guide, get started for free, and contact our team to explore how Custom Webhooks can transform your blockchain applications.

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