Introducing: Ethereum Address Activity Notifications

Introducing: Ethereum Address Activity Notifications

Author: Alchemy Team

Reviewed by Brady Werkheiser

Published on December 10, 20202 min read

The Current Problem

In 2009, Apple launched its push notification service (APNS) which allowed third-party developers to send notification data to their applications. This marked a fundamental shift in the way people consume information.

Imagine if you had to refresh your email every 5 minutes to see if you got into your dream school or if your crush likes your new profile picture - you’d never be able to focus on anything else!

Today, as consumers, we’re used to customizing our alerts to receive as few or as many notifications as we want for everything from emails to dating apps. This behavior has become ubiquitous, but how does this look from the application’s side? How do these apps you use every day know when to alert you, and how do they keep track of this information?

That's why we built Alchemy Notify.

Notification My Ether Wallet Address Activity
MyEtherWallet Address Activity Alert

Address Activity Notifications

Today we’re announcing new capabilities to Alchemy Notify.

Address activity notifications allow you to track transaction activity on the blockchain. More specifically, developers can set up alerts for activity on specific addresses and have the relevant data sent to their custom URL. This not only saves our dev community valuable time and money (as they no longer have to watch each new block and write custom filters to track their specific data), but it also powers push notifications for blockchain users.

This real-time notification pairs nicely with the Transfers API (currently in beta) which allows our developers to get historical transaction data for ethereum addresses. For example, imagine if you were building a wallet application and a new user signs up.

You can now handle their transactions in two simple steps with Alchemy’s custom endpoints:

  1. Call the Transfers API method to get all historical data for that user’s address.

  2. Track the user’s address using the Address Activity webhook to receive real-time updates on any subsequent transactions for your user.

There’s your whole backend right there. There is currently no limit to the number of ethereum addresses that can be tracked (some customers track as many as 20,000 addresses at once).

Notification My Ether Wallet Address Activity
Track thousands of Ethereum addresses at once.

3 Minutes to Integrate

  1. Sign up for Alchemy

  2. Create a webhook with a URL and relevant addresses (we also have an API to create new webhooks!)

  3. Alchemy sends you notifications

  4. Your users stop worrying about the status of their crypto trades


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