Launching Notify V2, with Improvements to Reliability, Scalability and Security

Launching Notify V2, with Improvements to Reliability, Scalability and Security

Author: Alchemy Team

Reviewed by Brady Werkheiser

Published on April 26, 20222 min read

Today, we’re excited to launch Notify API V2 for our Ethereum devs. With this change, you will see improvements to reliability, scalability and security on all newly created webhooks. In order to parse the new webhook response format, we recommend you modify your code. Here is a succinct overview of response format changes.

Alchemy’s Notify API has a wide range of use cases

Notify API gives you access to webhooks for events, transactions, and more - so essentially you can get notified anytime there is activity on a certain address. Some examples of the utility:

  • You’re building a wallet and want to notify a user that their transaction was successfully mined

  • You’re building a bot to track when whale addresses make a trade so you can get alpha

  • You’re building a NFT marketplace and need to track NFT transfers

Notify V2 comes with three primary improvements

Enhanced reliability

Notify V2 has improved retry mechanisms to ensure you don’t miss a webhook event.

Tooling that increases scalability

  • Pagination for your webhook addresses, so that with your webhooks, you can subscribe to even more addresses.

  • Backend changes that will make it easier for our team to add new types of webhooks to meet your needs. If there is a use case that you’re looking for and we don’t support, please reach out!

Improved security

  • Notify V2 will include static IP addresses so devs can be sure notifications are coming from an Alchemy server.

  • Each webhook will have its own authentication token (rather than shared between webhooks) - therefore if one webhook is compromised, all others will not be.

How Telcoin leverages Alchemy Notify

Our friends at Telcoin have been early adopters of Notify V2. Telcoin is a Polygon-based peer-to-peer payment system, enabling users to send money to each other, anywhere in the world, at a lower cost than available with alternative solutions. A lofty goal, the success of which is contingent on reliable and scalable platform products like webhooks:

"As Telcoin's blockchain infrastructure expands, becomes more robust and we cater to our expanding user base, Notify V2 will be instrumental in providing the best performance and scalability possible. We are very excited to partner with Alchemy on this product, and many more in the future, as both companies continue to evolve." - Ryan Tully, Vice President, Head of Product, Telcoin

Moving forward, these changes will be reflected in all new webhooks accessed via our Notify API. In order to have consistent parsing code across webhooks, we recommend modifying your code to be able to parse the V2 format. Note, Notify V2 is not yet available for gas prices.

Take a look at full Notify API documentation here!

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