TheFungiNFT Partners with Alchemy to Leverage NFT Drops for Social Good

TheFungiNFT Partners with Alchemy to Leverage NFT Drops for Social Good

Authors:Paul Almasi

Reviewed by Brady Werkheiser

Published on December 6, 20213 min read

TheFungiNFT and Alchemy collaborate to help raise awareness for mental health.

As NFT projects continue to grow in creativity and popularity, TheFungiNFT team plans to use this growing excitement to help fund promising research while increasing awareness about societal acceptance of psychedelic treatment related to mental wellbeing. While some communities within the NFT space aim to primarily benefit their creators and the artists, TheFungiNFT team is making charitable contributions a core component of their roadmap. Alchemy is proud to be the exclusive developer platform powering the TheFungiNFT team’s drop.  

TheFungiNFT minting will take place on Saturday, December 11th, 5 PM ET with 10,000 mints priced at .05 ETH / mint and will include a total of 134 unique traits. The team will be pledging half of its initial proceeds and a third of their future royalties to the MAPS Foundation (Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies). Using the remaining proceeds TheFungiNFT team will fund new developments like airdrops, partnerships, DAO governance, live events, and custom swag to further advance their core mission.

As their drop date approaches, TheFungiNFT team has selected Alchemy as their exclusive node provider after extensive research into alternatives. It quickly became clear to their team that with Alchemy’s extensive knowledge of the Web3 ecosystem and ultra scalable infrastructure they’d be set up to support a massive amount of traffic on launch day. Additionally, access to Alchemy’s 24/7 customer success team, a Web3 industry gold standard, has helped TheFungiNFT team shorten its product development life cycles.  

“Conducting a vendor evaluation and due diligence process for any IT solution would normally be a very difficult decision. When selecting Alchemy, we knew exactly what we were getting; industry-leading Blockchain technology, unparalleled customer support, and a long term strategic partner.” - TheFungiNFT Project Team 

The research around psychedelics, specifically psilocybin, and its ability to combat depression, PTSD, and other debilitating mental health issues has shown promise; TheFungiNFT team hopes that with more visibility and funding they can help accelerate this important work. Alchemy is always actively looking to collaborate with creators building new and exciting use-cases within Web3. This partnership will aim to make a positive impact for all of those seeking mental health support.

While TheFungiNFT team creates new altruistic incentives for their NFT drop, Alchemy is here to support them with a developer platform to help make this happen in a meaningful way. Enthusiasm surrounding and attributed to psychedelic research and treatment has never been stronger. It is our shared belief that we can all come together and help change the lives of millions of people around the world.

About TheFungiNFT

TheFungiNFT’s primary objective is to help raise awareness and increase applicable societal action highlighting the powerful methods of healing associated with advancing safe and legal use of psychedelics. TheFungiNFT team believes that a global pandemic has only fueled an increase in social pressures and/or seclusion; increasing the need for dependable and complementary direction for those seeking a healthier mental wellbeing outside of conventional medicine. TheFungiNFT team established the MAPS Foundation as a terrific partner; MAPS fully aligns with the team’s values, vision, and mission. Furthermore, MAPS will receive 50 percent of the project’s initial Ethereum distribution as well as 33 percent of all royalties thereafter. This approach ensures that financial support is allocated to the utmost appropriate channels and the advancement of a common mission remains in capable hands. TheFungiNFT project will also be reserving 33 percent of all secondary sales to a DAO which will maintain voting rights and decide on future initiatives collectively undertaken to benefit the world. The team encourages all projects with similar goals to reach out for collaborations, join their ever-growing community, and plan on being a part of a mush larger movement!


Want to learn more about TheFungiNFT project? Here are the links to TheFungiNFT’s social pages - Discord, Twitter, and Website.

About Alchemy

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