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CyberConnect Achieves Massive Scale Using Alchemy's AA Infra

CyberConnect Achieves Massive Scale Using Alchemy's AA Infra

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Unique wallets onboarded


Gas sponsored


User Operations mined

CyberConnect is a web3 social network utilizing blockchain technology to empower users with ownership of their identity, content, and social data.

In doing so, they enable both users and developers to experience a range of exciting new social networking primitives that are interoperable, censorship-resistant, and decentralized. Since launch, they’ve onboarded more than 1M+ users.

Their commitment to innovation, and pushing the space forward with improved user experiences.

CyberConnect is creating zero-friction onboarding for their users, powered by Alchemy’s full stack vertical Account Kit. Since integrating with Alchemy’s Account Abstraction infrastructure, 1.6M UserOps have been mined successfully and $374k gas has been sponsored. To date, CyberConnect is one of the largest experiments with smart accounts to date, with over 190,000 unique wallets.

The team at CyberConnect has been at the forefront of building and growing consumer crypto applications. They’re taking a new perspective on social media, building towards a decentralized future where users exercise complete ownership and control over their social data, while developers can innovate permissionlessly.

In almost three years, over 50 teams have built web3 apps using the CyberConnect social network protocol, and have cumulatively registered 1M+ users, creating over 1.9M units of social content.

They recognized the challenges in web3 user onboarding. Even though decentralized applications and protocols are fairly accessible to crypto-native users, the intrinsic complexity of blockchains and crypto wallets creates a high barrier for regular users to explore the web3 ecosystem.

Using ERC-4337 smart accounts, they’re ushering in the next stage of hyper scalability and social networking in web3 - all via experiences that feel familiar while abstracting away blockchain complexities.

In August, 2023, Cyber launched their CYBER token, igniting a new wave of activity powered by smart accounts. Over 100k+ users flowed in to claim their community rewards, successfully receiving over 11M+ CYBER rewards.

The launch drove network-level highs:

account abstraction on optimism (monthly)

Source: Account Abstraction Dashboard by @niftytable on Dune

Alchemy’s Account Abstraction infra powered the experience, enabling high-volume scalability and complete reliability in the face of super high throughput and volatile gas network fees.

Alchemy’s Bundler APIs enabled CyberConnect to send UserOps on behalf of their users, so users didn’t need an Externally Owned Account (EOA) to get started. The result? 120k+ UserOps onchain for reward claimers.

Alchemy’s Gas Manager APIs are ERC-4337-compliant paymasters that enabled users to claim their tokens without needing gas. The result? 42+ ETH in gas fees were sponsored for CyberConnect users via Alchemy’s Gas Manager.

CyberConnect is a pioneer in utilizing novel smart account technology at scale. Alchemy infra enabled a seamless user experience where other providers weren’t able to.

total mocaIDs minted

Source: CyberConnect v3 Metrics Dashboard by @cyberconnecthq on Dune

The team behind CyberConnect has walked their talk about their commitment to smart accounts by migrating each account on its social network protocol to CyberAccount, an ERC-4337-compatible smart contract wallet.

As the leading multi-chain web3 social identity solution, the team has been conducting exciting experiments to test the limits of the existing tech stack. In a first-of-its-kind experiment in the NFT universe, CyberConnect partnered with Animoca Brands’ Mocaverse to power MocaID, a decentralized identity built with CyberAccount.

Each MocaID functions as a soulbound (non-transferable) NFT and gives Moca holders access to Animoca’s network of 450+ portfolio companies like Sandbox, Dapper Labs, and OpenSea etc.

Not only does each MocaID carry every Moca NFT’s inherent social graph with it, Animoca Brands is taking NFT-based social, self-sovereign identity one step further by enabling true digital property rights for users that includes ownership of virtual items as well as the value that users create by spending time on platforms.

As of February 2024, over 450k MocaIDs have been claimed. As the underlying infrastructure for MocaID, CyberAccount functions as the thread that weaves this exciting new digital universe of Mocaverse.

As part of its mission to push smart accounts towards mass adoption, CyberConnect launched CyberWallet in December 2023.

CyberWallet is a web app that enables users to manage their CyberAccounts. At its core, it features a set of user-friendly tools like one-click transactions and customizable security to make the web3 experience as seamless and familiar as possible.

total cross-chain cyberwallets deployed

Source: CyberConnect's 4337 Smart Account Dashboard by @cyberconnecthq on Dune

One of the key highlights of CyberWallet is CyberApps, a digital marketplace of web3 apps that are ready to use with account abstraction. One can think of CyberApps as mini-apps within CyberWallet that users can use without having to leave the wallet application and take advantage of all the exciting user experience upgrades that smart accounts power.

As of February 2024, over 1M CyberWallets have been created and over $1.5M has been deposited in those wallets as Smart Gas, a CyberWallet-specific feature that allows users to deposit tokens of their choice and use them for gas payments across blockchain networks.

The team behind CyberConnect started building together in 2021, and grew link3.to into one of the most widely used web3 social applications used by pioneering companies including Rarible, CoinMarketCap, and Messari.

The CyberConnect team has announced the CYBER L2 built with OP Stack. With features like Native Smart Account, Seedless Wallet, and platform native yield, Cyber aims to become the hub for web3 social innovation. Alchemy is proud to continue work with the CyberConnect team to bring mass adoption.

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