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CARV is building a credentials and data infrastructure focused on gaming.

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What is CARV?

CARV enables the preservation of gamer data sovereignty by helping them to translate their achievements to SBTs (soulbound tokens). They can review their achievements and footprints in gaming, mint them into SBTs, and unlock SBT-gated benefits across games while keeping their data private. There's also a private SBT-based game-sharing community for more genuine and efficient game discovery. The SBTs showcasing players' most proud gaming memories will be connected via a middleware plug-in to other Web2 or Web3 social spaces, allowing users to socialize with their credentials privately. With hard evidence of their accumulative performance, players will push themselves to build their best 'resume' that they can carry around and get them perks across games, all while maintaining their data privacy. Unified scores, leaderboards, advanced insights, and recommendations are also provided with privacy preservation in mind to enhance the experience. Additionally, CARV is not only a promising destination for games to reach out to over half a million users (data as of March 2023) but also a hub for community understanding and growth. With CARV's powerful tools, games can gain intelligence into users' gaming and financial engagement patterns. Unprecedented on-chain transaction visibility and private profile-level data enable games to accurately target and reach the right audience, maximizing their impact.

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