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web3cli is a command-line tool aiming to be the Swiss-army knife of the blockchain.

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What is web3cli?

Certain blockchain operations can be time consuming, if not impossible, for non-devs: (1.) swap or mint without frontend; automatically collect and reinvest DeFi yield; (2.) schedule buy or sell on a DEX; (3.) on-chain data analysis; etc. web3cli is a command-line tool designed for these tasks. It supports EVM chains out of the box and, soon, tokens and contracts. web3cli is for crypto enthusiasts such as DeFi and NFTs degens, Web3 gamers, chain analysts, etc who need to interact directly with the blockchain in a scriptable way. The only requirement is a terminal. The foundations of web3cli and some useful commands are ready. Token send & swap commands are next to come, followed in Q1 2023 by the first commands to analyze on-chain data.

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