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Wireshape TCPR
Wireshape TCPR
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Wireshape TCPR

Wireshape is a decentralized global product data curation and registry system.


What is Wireshape TCPR?

Launched in 2023, Wireshape Token Curated Product Registry (TCPR) is a decentralized system that curates product information on the Wireshape Blockchain Network, maintained by the community and incentivized with WWIRE tokens. In TCPR, token holders have the responsibility of curating and validating product data, ensuring accuracy and quality. Consumers benefit from free access to high-quality product information, while applicants and voters earn rewards in tokens. The system incorporates a workflow for product registry, curatorship, updates, and brand verification. Through incentives, transactions, and rewards in WWIRE tokens, the TCPR promotes transparency, trust, and fairness in the management of product information. It is a promising concept that aligns incentives and ensures the quality of data for the new e-commerce generation in a self-governing manner.

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