embedded accountsEmbedded Accounts

Zero friction

Bring users onchain in seconds with smart accounts.
No seed phrase, no gas.

Embedded wallets
for every use case

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Our Pick

Powerful smart

Level up with smart contract accounts—the evolution of EOAs, packed with powerful features like sponsoring your users’ gas fees and batching transactions for one-click checkout flows.

Lightweight EOAs

Not ready to sponsor gas with SCAs? No problem. Embedded EOA wallets have everything you need to get started.

lightweight EOAs

Choose powerful smart
accounts or lightweight EOAs

Familiar auth methods
Familiar auth methods

Sign up new users in seconds with email or passkey authentication. Coming soon: Social Auth and UI components.


Only the user can access their assets. Keys are encrypted and managed in a secure enclave powered by Turnkey.

Account recovery
Account recovery

Recover your account with an email address, an exported recovery phrase, or onchain guardians.

Gas abstraction
Smart Account
Gas abstraction

Get users to your magic moment faster. Remove the biggest barrier by sponsoring gas with the Gas Manager.

Smart Account
Batch transactions

Streamline multiple transactions in a single click. Save time and gas by batching transactions.

Modular plugins
Smart Account
Modular plugins

Audited, enterprise-grade, modular smart accounts that you can customize with ERC-6900 plugins. Build session keys, multisigs, and more.

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3LAU's music night powered by Embedded Accounts

Event tickets have never been easier. 3LAU fans minted an attendance token for Riot House using only a biometric passkey.

royal mobile wallet experience with embedded accounts
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A simple SDK for embedded accounts

Get up and running in minutes with Alchemy Kit

embedded wallet sdk

Account Abstraction

A complete AA toolkit plus Alchemy's legendary full-stack developer platform.


Web3’s most powerful free tier.

  • embedded accountsEmbedded Accounts
  • aa-sdk-iconAA SDK
  • bundler iconBundler API
  • gas managerGas Manager API on testnets
  • Feature icon 4300M CUs/mo (~300k UserOps)
  • Feature icon 5Up to 2,000 signatures per month
  • Feature icon 6Up to 10 Gas Manager Policies
Start building
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A plan that grows with your business.

    Everything in Free plus:
  • gas managerGas Manager API on mainnets
  • Feature icon 1400M CUs/mo (~400k UserOps)
  • Feature icon 2No monthly signature limit
  • Feature icon 3Up to 10 Gas Manager Policies
  • Feature icon 4Gas Manager 8% admin fee
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Save 30%
New plan

Self-serve, enterprise discounts.

    Everything in Growth plus:
  • Feature icon 01.5B CUs/mo (~1.5M UserOps)
  • Feature icon 1No monthly signature limit
  • Feature icon 2Up to 50 Gas Manager Policies
  • Feature icon 3Gas Manager 7% admin fee
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For organizations who need custom throughput and world class support

Get in touch
  • Horizontal price card icon24/7 engineering team access
  • Horizontal price card iconCustom on-demand discounts
  • Horizontal price card icon24/7 VIP support channels
  • Horizontal price card iconCommitted response time SLAs
  • Horizontal price card iconSSO / auth management access
  • Horizontal price card iconPrioritized alpha / beta access
  • Horizontal price card iconCommitted usage discounts
  • Horizontal price card iconCustom throughput
  • Horizontal price card iconUnlimited apps
  • Horizontal price card iconPay in crypto
  • Horizontal price card iconDedicated marketing support
  • Horizontal price card iconCustom terms
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