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Scale your decentralized applications at low costs on Arbitrum using Alchemy’s leading blockchain developer platform.

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Break beyond the computational and storage limits of blockchain with low on-chain costs on Arbitrum and unlimited capacity using Alchemy’s auto-scaling API.
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Automatically convert Solidity contracts with Arbitrum’s toolchain, with instant interoperability for existing Layer 1 tokens, plus real-time traffic patterns on all requests through your Alchemy dashboard.
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Guaranteed data correctness with Alchemy’s state of the art infrastructure and Arbitrum’s fully trustless and secure technology, in addition to private channels and sidechains.
"The Alchemy developer platform is widely regarded for its robustness and reliability on Ethereum Layer 1 and we’re excited for its debut on Ethereum Layer 2 on Arbitrum. Partnering with Alchemy is an important part of our mission to bring the best developer tooling to Arbitrum."
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CE0, Offchain Labs

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