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Get Hired with The 9 Best Solidity Job Boards in Web3 (2024)

Get Hired with The 9 Best Solidity Job Boards in Web3 (2024)

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There are many jobs requiring Solidity expertise. Whether you are just becoming a Solidity developer and looking for your first internship, or a senior developer looking to transition into a web3 development role, this article will provide you with the best job boards for finding a position doing Solidity development. 

In this article, we explain Solidity developer job responsibilities and salary ranges, and then introduce some of the best web3 job boards for finding Solidity careers.

Solidity Developer Job Responsibilities and Salaries

Solidity developers write well-documented, performant, clean, and reusable Solidity code for organizations. Depending on the developer's experience level, they may be tasked with more high-level responsibilities, such as driving the decisions about smart contract architecture or leading a technical team. 

Solidity developers' average salaries are significantly higher than other developer roles. The average yearly salary for a Senior Solidity Developer is $120,000 to $225,000 per year before adding token-based equity or employee stock options. According to cryptocurrencyjobs.co, the average base salary for Solidity developers in the US is $127,500, with a low base salary of $80,000 and a high base salary of $180,000. In contrast, remote developers make $111k - $200k per year. Compared to the average US-based developer salary of $103,000, it's clear that blockchain specialization is in high demand.

The following is a list of location-based salary structures of Solidity developers per year (US Dollars):

  • North America - $125K-$200K

  • Europe - $80K-$135K

  • Asia - $46K-116K

  • Oceania - $85K-$120K

  • South America - $49K-$150K

  • Africa - $49K-$75K

  • Remote - $111K-$200K  

Solidity Developer Internship

Solidity Developer internships are offered both by startups and established organizations. An internship may be suitable if you're relatively new in the industry, and are passionate about blockchain, smart contracts, and NFTs. 

An intern will have 0 to 3 years of experience, and a majority of their experience will either be previous internships, open-source contributions, side projects, or project-based school work. 

Most reputable web3 companies will provide some compensation, while sometimes community-based contributions will be unpaid work with similar structures to an internship.

Entry-Level Solidity Developer

Entry-level Solidity developers often have at least 1-2 years of experience working with Solidity, and many will have completed Solidity coursework from a Solidity bootcamp or an online certification course. 

Entry-level Solidity devs will work with the engineering team and product managers to scope, develop, and maintain web3 products. Developers are also expected to follow the software development life cycle, and push code into production environments. Finally, entry-level developers need to write clean, reusable code and libraries. As an entry-level developer, you will be learning continuously about new engineering techniques and technologies. 

Junior Solidity Developer

Junior Solidity developers often possess at least 2-3 years of software engineering experience developing highly reliable, scalable products and services. Junior Solidity devs work closely with the lead engineer to program Solidity smart contracts, maintain production applications, products, and evaluating new tools.

If the company has interns or entry-level Solidity programmers, junior engineers will help train, onboard, review, and mentor new engineers, while the majority of the team’s management and prioritization will be directed by Senior engineers.

Senior Solidity Developer

Senior Solidity developers are responsible for architecting products, designing smart contracts, writing complex code, delegating work to junior developers, and reviewing pull requests (PRs) before code is moved into production. 

Senior Solidity developers often have over three years of working with Solidity, and many will have significant web2 engineering experience where they’ve mastered complimentary coding languages like JavaScript and TypeScript.

Best Solidity Job Boards for Developers 

Engineers searching for Solidity internships, part-time Solidity developers looking for a full-time web3 programming job, and full-time web2 engineers can use online job boards to access global, remote, and onsite job positions in web3. The following is a list of the best job boards and websites to search for your next Solidity developer role.

1. CryptoJobsList.com

Crypto Jobs List was founded in 2017, and the website posts jobs for all experience levels, from internships to senior developer roles, including remote job listings. While salary details are sometimes omitted, the job board indicates how many applicants have applied. Developer profiles are also available on the site for recruiters to seek out talent.

Companies either use a webform on Crypto Jobs List for applicants to upload their web3 resume, redirect applicants to the employer’s website, or redirect applicants to a third-party application website.

Additionally, there are profiles for over 2,000 cryptocurrency and blockchain companies worldwide that include valuable information about the company’s story, culture, and ethos. Furthermore, industry hiring trends and transparent statistical data are available for job seekers to gain a competitive edge in the job market.

Web3 Companies Posting Solidity Jobs on Web3.Career

  • Ethereum Foundation

  • Polygon

  • Certik 

  • P2P

Find a Solidity job: https://cryptojobslist.com/solidity

2. Web3.career

On Web3.career you can find remote and onsite jobs for Solidity developers of all experience levels. The site also includes internship listings for developer, non-tech, and designer positions. The web3.career job board makes searching for job listings convenient through its internal categorization where Solidity job seekers can search for remote work and jobs local to their region.

Web3.career also provides a number of resources for developers:

  • Lists the most popular and highest-paid positions on their job listing pages

  • Lists the average yearly salary and job count for each company

  • Redirects applicants to LinkedIn or the employer's website to submit applications

Beyond job listings, Web3.career serves as a learning platform for beginner and advanced web3 developers by offering tutorials, courses, and articles on web3 topics from smart contracts to Solidity.

Web3 Companies Posting Solidity Jobs on Web3.Career

  • MetaMask

  • Uniswap

  • Binance

  • Stripe

Find a Solidity job: https://web3.career/solidity-jobs

3. CryptoCurrencyJobs.co

CryptoCurrencyJobs.co has listed over 1,000 companies and 10,000 job listings since 2017. The job listings for Solidity developers on CryptoCurrencyJobs.co may be more suitable for junior and senior developers. However, entry-level, non-tech, and internship listings are also listed. OpenZeppelin and Staked are some companies that post their job listings on this site.

CryptoCurrencyJobs.co also provides a number of resources for developers:

  • Provides transparent data for companies and developers to strengthen the crypto community.

  • A weekly newsletter which provides blockchain and cryptocurrency job listings. 

  • Provides data about industry salaries from various regions to compare salaries

  • A special Startups platform features over 1,000 startup company profiles

To apply, use the cryptocurrency.jobs.co webform application to upload your resume and cover letter.

Web3 Companies Posting Solidity Jobs on CryptoCurrencyJobs.co

  • Nethermind

  • Offchain Labs

  • Trail of Bits

  • Perpetual Protocol

Find a Solidity job: https://cryptocurrencyjobs.co/?query=%20solidity

4. Crypto.Jobs

Crypto.jobs allows job seekers, primarily junior and senior Solidity developers, to search job listings by job category, skills, or location for both onsite and remote positions. In addition to job listings, developers can also post their profiles in the talent portal using a webform application, to post their resume, bio, skills, and location. Consensys, Cardano Foundation, and BlockFi are just several of the companies listing job positions on the Crypto.Jobs board. 

Crypto.Jobs also provides a number of resources for developers:

  • The site hosts AMA forum events that discuss a variety of blockchain and cryptocurrency topics 

  • Job seekers can also sign up for their weekly newsletter for job listing and industry updates

  • Listings include data about how many views and applications have been submitted for a particular job

Web3 Companies Posting Solidity Jobs on Crypto.jobs

  • Status.im

  • DiversiFi

  • Matter Labs

  • Anchorage Digital

Find a Solidity job: https://crypto.jobs/

5. Crypto-Careers.com

Crypto-Careers.com is a career platform for blockchain companies and developers that provides job listings for startups and well-established crypto companies. Gelato, OKX, and Validity Labs post their open roles on this site, and each company profile provides job seekers with valuable information about the company’s founding, size, funding, mission statement, and projects.

There are more junior and senior developer roles available on Crypto-Careers.com, and the compensation is often listed at the bottom of a job listing. The application process does not require registering a profile: the applicant simply inputs their email address, provides a resume, and includes a cover letter.

Additional benefits of the crypto-careers job board is that their remote jobs portal and the company blog which provides current data and blockchain industry trends.

Web3 Companies Posting Solidity Jobs on Crypto Careers

  • Gemini

  • Immutable

  • Harmony 

  • Parity Technologies

Find a Solidity job: https://www.crypto-careers.com/jobs/search

6. Blockchain Headhunter

Founded in 2017 as a boutique recruitment platform, Blockchain Headhunter specializes in executive search and recruitment. Blockchain Headhunter is more suitable for junior and senior Solidity developers and executives. 

The compensation is often tagged on the job listing, and applicants use a webform to apply for positions. The webform includes a CV upload, questions regarding location, pay expectations, availability, and the option to write why the candidate would be a good fit for the position. Additionally, the webform allows applicants to connect their LinkedIn, WhatsApp/Telegram, and GitHub addresses.

Job seekers can also benefit from the blockchain community that Blockchain Headhunter has developed on Telegram, LinkedIn, Reddit, and Discord alongside valuable industry-related content in the company blog.

Web3 Companies Posting Solidity Jobs on Blockchain Headhunter

Because Blockchain Headhunter is a third-party agent, the client or organization seeking candidates is not revealed. Instead, Blockchain Headhunter reveals information about the type of company posting the job; crypto VC, web3 gaming, etc.

Find a Solidity job: https://blockchainheadhunter.com/jobs

7. Crypto Recruit 

Crypto Recruit specializes talent across the crypto spectrum including DeFi, GameFi, and NFTs, with onsite and remote job listings for both technical and non-technical positions in full-time capacities with a few internship opportunities available. 

The Crypto Recruit website uses a webform for applications that prompts applicants to attach a resume and cover letter. There are additional optional boxes for an applicant to provide their LinkedIn address and answer specific questions relevant to the position.

There are additional advisory services job seekers can purchase on Crypto Recruit, and a Top Candidates portal that showcases the resumes of their leading talent. In addition, there is a free blog that addresses useful topics for job seekers, such as interviewing tips, trends in the overall crypto market, and tips for working with a recruiter.

Web3 Companies Posting Solidity Jobs on Crypto Recruit

Because Crypto Recruit is a third-party agency, the organization seeking candidates is not revealed, and instead shares information about the type of opportunity being hired for such as blockchain trading companies.

Find a Solidity job: https://www.cryptorecruit.com/candidates/browse-jobs/

8. Web2 Job Boards

Traditional job post aggregation websites like LinkedIn, Monster, and Indeed often have roles for Solidity developers. While Web2 job boards aren’t as comprehensive as web3 job boards, they offer a variety of job postings from larger enterprise companies that have established recruiting teams and choose to use mainstream job boards instead of new, less-visited web3 job boards.

Web3 Companies Posting Solidity Jobs on Web2 Job Boards

  • Chainlink Labs

  • Syndicate

  • Mysten Labs

  • Polygon

9. Internal Job Boards at Web3 Companies

If you already know which companies you want to work for, searching directly on the company job board is suitable for Solidity developers of all experiences.

Companies like Alchemy, OpenSea, OpenZeppelin, and many venture-backed web3 startups are large enough to have dedicated sourcing, recruiting, and hiring teams, making managing an internal web3 careers page using tools like Greenhouse or Lever a more practical hiring solution.

Conversely, for startups with a core team of engineers and little hiring experience, industry referrals and web3 job boards are better options for finding qualified inbound Solidity Developer applications. 


With a comprehensive understanding of the different Solidity developer seniority levels, salaries, and web3 job boards, you can start learning Solidity, updating your LinkedIn, resume, and applying for full-time, part-time, and remote Solidity programming roles.

If you are interested in working with the industry’s leading web3 infrastructure and developer platform, visit Alchemy’s job board to find our open engineering positions.

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