The SDK Developer Challenge
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Supercharge your building. Win prizes.
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The Challenge Has Ended!

What happened? Build with the Alchemy SDK to supercharge your app. Guides were published daily to help you as you go.

Why? Because Alchemy's SDK and Enhanced APIs are your secret weapons to simplify your code so you can build faster.

When? Build from 02.15 - 03.07. We began reviewing submissions on 03.07.  

How could I win? We will award prizes to the best submissions. Use the SDK to build anything - from fetching NFT activity to filtering spam. Extra points to teams using Enhanced APIs.

What will I win? Epic, never-before seen Alchemy swag, and short-listing into the WAGBI Grant Program to receive 500 monthly Alchemy credits for 12 months (subject to terms & conditions here.)

// npm install alchemy-sdk
import { Alchemy } from 'alchemy-sdk';
const alchemy = new Alchemy();
// See Vitalik's NFTs!
Your SDK Developer Challenge Checklist
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Eligibility requirements

1. Have an Alchemy Account
2. Build a project using the Alchemy SDK (even better, build a project using the SDK and Alchemy’s Enhanced APIs)
3. Submit your project for prizes before March 7th!

After you submit, hang tight! On March 7th, we will begin reviewing submissions and will reach out to winners shortly after. And maybe there will be prizes just for submitting!
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I participate in the SDK Developer Challenge?

Sign up for an Alchemy account and start using the SDK to build. The guides are meant to serve as inspiration and motivation - you do not need to have built something directly from these guides to win.

Do I have to build with the SDK and Enhanced APIs to win?

Yes, you do have to build with the Alchemy SDK to win. You do not have to build with the Enhanced APIs to win, but you'll probably have a better chance. Because the guides will use the Enhanced APIs, including the SDK NFT Methods, SDK Transact Methods, SDK Notify Methods or SDK Websocket Methods, integrating them into your project should be especially easy.

What type of projects are you looking for?

We're looking for projects that inspire you and enrich your app. Whether you're fetching NFT activity or token balances, filtering spam from your app, sending transaction simulations, or any other feature you want to build, we'll be pumped.

What information will I need to submit to win?

You will need to submit basic contact info (email, Twitter handle), as well as an Alchemy API key, project description, details about the endpoints that you're calling and a repo of your project.

I'm confused about this initiative. Can you help?

Of course! Please email [email protected] and we'll get back to you.