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Solana is here.

Build the future of the internet economy using Alchemy's world-class blockchain developer platform.

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The benefits of

    The best reliability in web3The best reliability in web3

    Alchemy takes care of the hard parts of building on blockchain by providing the most reliable infrastructure in web3. Solana testing shows Alchemy uptime at 99.9%, making it the best option to build a dApp that’s accessible 24/7.

    fast-transactions-iconLightning fast transactions

    Solana's parallel smart contract runtime, Sealevel, enables exceptionally high throughput. With Solana’s processing speed of more than 2k transactions per second, and Alchemy's infinitely scalable infrastructure, Solana devs can build on Alchemy to seamlessly grow their app with user demand.

    Single chainSingle chain

    Solana is a Layer 1 blockchain that’s easy to develop on. No Layer 2 scaling solutions required to increase throughput or maintain low gas fees.

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We're thrilled that Alchemy will now be supporting Solana. Their infrastructure and product suite has a proven track record for performance benefits. This will be a game changer for Phantom and any other Solana developers who choose to start using Alchemy.
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Francesco Agosti

CTO and Co-Founder, Phantom

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Plans built for many teams

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Web3’s most powerful free tier.

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For organizations who need custom throughput and world class support

  • Horizontal price card icon24/7 engineering team access
  • Horizontal price card iconCustom on-demand discounts
  • Horizontal price card icon24/7 VIP support channels
  • Horizontal price card iconCommitted response time SLAs
  • Horizontal price card iconSSO / auth management access
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  • Horizontal price card iconCommitted usage discounts
  • Horizontal price card iconCustom throughput
  • Horizontal price card iconUnlimited apps
  • Horizontal price card iconPay in crypto
  • Horizontal price card iconDedicated marketing support
  • Horizontal price card iconCustom terms
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Want to learn more about Solana?

Get an in depth explanation of Solana and how you can start building by visiting the docs.