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Infrastructure that makes it simple to get started and easy to scale infinitely, all with the APIs that address the biggest challenges in web3.

Raymond Feng
"Infrastructure that’s both reliable and scalable, so that we can stay up when our customers need us most - that’s huge for Collab.Land. Alchemy is the GOAT here.”
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The web3 API plus so much more

Key features for you to build and scale.
Enhanced APIs
Enhanced APIs for every use case, creating scalable solutions while drastically simplifying your tech stack.
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Free archive data
Access unlimited requests for archive data, including forking the entire chain from genesis. Available even on the free tier, no additional fees.
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Multichain mainnet and testnets
Build and scale on Layer 1 chains including Ethereum, Solana and Astar as well as Layer 2 chains, including Polygon, Optimism, Arbitrum.
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Evgeny Yurtaev
CEO & Co-Founder
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Working with Alchemy has helped us save the equivalent of three full-time engineers, who otherwise would have to be heads down on infra maintenance, at all times.

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Alchemy Supernode scales every piece of node functionality with dedicated distributed systems, and maintains real-time data correctness with a proprietary coordinator service.

Infinite scalability

Alchemy Supernode scales quickly and seamlessly so you can spend more time shipping products and delighting users.

Free archive access

Get all the historical blockchain information you need, including being able to fork the entire chain from genesis, without any additional fees.

Enhanced APIs

Alchemy Supernode includes enhanced API methods that return block and transaction requests, smart contract event logs, and pending transactions in a virtual mempool.

Supernode Infrastructure

Save money. Ship faster.

Alchemy Supernode scales every piece of node functionality with dedicated distributed systems.


Worth of engineering hours saved (2,025 days)


Release cycles driving 289% usage growth

Build blockchain magic with Alchemy

Alchemy combines the most powerful web3 developer products and tools with resources, community and legendary support.

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