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Blockchain for Advertising

Discover how web3 is emerging in the Advertising industry.

Companies we’ve helped with their web3 strategy

  • Adobe
  • GameStop
  • Shopify
  • Draft Kings
  • Stripe
  • Adobe
  • GameStop
  • Shopify
  • Draft Kings
  • Stripe

What challenges face the Advertising industry?

The Advertising industry faces a few key challenges including: Trust, Authenticity and Transparency.

Trust iconTrust

Misplaced trust can lead to irreparable damage, resulting in fractured relationships and tarnished reputations. Regaining lost trust is a challenging endeavor.

Authenticity iconAuthenticity

A lack of trust and confidence can undermine an individual or entity's perceived authenticity and dependability.

Transparency iconTransparency

Transparency is a cornerstone of trust and accurate information dissemination, critical for effective decision-making and accountability across various sectors.

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[Blockchain] is the biggest opportunity set we can think of over the next decade or so.
Robert Greifeld headshot

Robert Greifeld

Former Chairman, Nasdaq

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What are use cases for blockchain in the Advertising industry?

Blockchain can be used to solve problems in the Advertising industry including Digital Certificates, Trading Cards and KYC/AML.

    Digital Certificates iconDigital Certificates

    Blockchain technology can be leveraged to securely store and verify digital certificates, ensuring their authenticity and preventing fraud or tampering.

    Trading Cards iconTrading Cards

    Blockchain enhances trading cards with a secure, transparent platform. It authenticates ownership and value, eliminating fraud and enabling peer-to-peer trading.


    Blockchain facilitates secure and efficient KYC/AML (Know Your Customer/Anti-Money Laundering) processes, ensuring meticulous verification and management of customer identities and compliance data.

How can Alchemy help Advertising companies with their blockchain strategy?

Alchemy's team of blockchain experts and enterprise-grade web3 development platform can help Healthcare companies plan, build, and scale new blockchain initiatives.

Alchemy’s NFT API will allow us to be the token verification system for every web3 community in the world - so we can quickly, accurately and reliably query NFT metadata, and our customers can create meaningful shared experiences for their users.
Raymond Feng headshot

Raymond Feng

CTO and Co-founder, Collab.Land

Enterprise Blockchain FAQs

  • Alchemy's supported blockchains include Layer 1s like Ethereum, Solana, and Astar, Layer 2s including Arbitrum, Starknet, Polygon zkEVM, and Optimism, as well as Polygon's PoS sidechain. Alchemy also supports Goerli, Sepolia, and Mumbai testnets. If you are interested in running a permissioned blockchain, contact our team of experts!

  • You can start building on Alchemy immediately!  Alchemy boasts the most comprehensive free tier in all of web3 development. From core node RPC services, to enhanced APIs and account abstraction infra, Alchemy's free tier has a robust set of tools and lots of capacity to start building right away. If you need more advanced tools, higher throughput, or more monthly compute units, Growth and Scale Tiers are self-serve starting at $49/month and $199/month respectively. For custom plans and enterprise SLAs, please contact our sales team!

  • The Alchemy Sales Team is available to answer any and all questions about the infrastructure and tooling your company needs to bring a production-ready web3 strategy to market. To get started, book a time with an expert!

  • Alchemy does not offer formal consulting services, but our team of experts are ready to help you think through important product and infrastructure considerations. Contact a member of our sales team to start the conversation!

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