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What challenges face the Telecom industry?

The Telecom industry faces a few key challenges including: Transparency, Latency, and Coordination.


Transparency is a cornerstone of trust and accurate information dissemination, critical for effective decision-making and accountability across various sectors.


Slow response time due to data transmission delays causes inconvenience and disrupts the seamless operation of systems and applications.


Lack of coordination can lead to inefficiencies, confusion, and miscommunication in work processes and project management.

The more I learned about Ethereum and blockchains, the more certain I became that this technology would come to have a profound impact on the world of business.

Paul Brody

Global Blockchain Leader



What are use cases for blockchain in the Telecom industry?

Blockchain can be used to solve problems in the Telecom industry including CBDC, Payment Streaming, and Cross Border Payments.


Blockchain can be used for Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), offering a secure and transparent platform for issuing, tracking, and managing digital currencies backed by central banks.

Payment Streaming

By enabling real-time and continuous microtransactions, blockchain technology can revolutionize payment streaming. It eliminates the need for traditional payment systems, enhancing efficiency and transparency.

Cross Border Payments

Blockchain technology can be used for cross-border payments, offering a transparent, efficient, and secure method for transferring funds across different currencies and countries, eliminating the need for intermediaries.

How can Alchemy help Telecom companies with their blockchain strategy?

Alchemy's team of blockchain experts and enterprise-grade web3 development platform can help Telecom companies plan, build, and scale new blockchain initiatives.

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Alchemy Subgraphs is a blockchain indexing platform with drop-in support for hosted subgraphs.

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Custom Webhooks

Stream on-chain data and get notified immediately about blockchain data changes.

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Transaction Monitoring

A comprehensive set of dashboards and alerts for app health, performance, and user behavior.

Working with Alchemy has helped us save the equivalent of 3 full-time engineers, who otherwise would have to be heads down on infra maintenance, at all times.

Evgeny Yurtaev

CEO & Co-founder



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Enterprise Blockchain FAQs

Does Alchemy support permissioned blockchains?

Alchemy's supported blockchains include Layer 1s like Ethereum, Solana, and Astar, Layer 2s including Arbitrum, Starknet, Polygon zkEVM, and Optimism, as well as Polygon's PoS sidechain. Alchemy also supports Goerli, Sepolia, and Mumbai testnets. If you are interested in running a permissioned blockchain, contact our team of experts!

How can I get started building with Alchemy?

You can start building on Alchemy immediately!  Alchemy boasts the most comprehensive free tier in all of web3 development. From core node RPC services, to enhanced APIs and account abstraction infra, Alchemy's free tier has a robust set of tools and lots of capacity to start building right away. If you need more advanced tools, higher throughput, or more monthly compute units, Growth and Scale Tiers are self-serve starting at $49/month and $199/month respectively. For custom plans and enterprise SLAs, please contact our sales team!

Who can help me figure out my enterprise web3 stack?

The Alchemy Sales Team is available to answer any and all questions about the infrastructure and tooling your company needs to bring a production-ready web3 strategy to market. To get started, book a time with an expert!

Does Alchemy offer consulting services?

Alchemy does not offer formal consulting services, but our team of experts are ready to help you think through important product and infrastructure considerations. Contact a member of our sales team to start the conversation!

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