Announcing Alchemy's "Access For All Developers Program"

Announcing Alchemy's "Access For All Developers Program"

Author: Paul Almasi

Reviewed by Brady Werkheiser

Published on August 19, 20213 min read

Alchemy increases its free tier capacity by 4x to empower developers after explosive growth in DeFi and NFTs - the next step to increasing developer access.

Helping blockchain developers globally build great products has been Alchemy’s mission since Day 1.

Since the public launch of our developer platform, Alchemy has transformed into the home for tens of thousands of developers around the world that powers $30+ billion dollars worth of on-chain transactions and 70% of the top Ethereum applications.

Today, we are accelerating the important work of all these developers by expanding our free and growth tiers to make Alchemy the most accessible developer platform in the blockchain space.


We’re updating our pricing to give you 4x more power, completely for free.

The Most Robust Free Tier EVER: 4x more monthly compute included (~4,000,000 requests/monthly) and free archive data!

Enhancing and Expanding the Growth Tier: 3x more monthly compute included (~6,000,000 requests/monthly) and up to ~20% cheaper tiered pricing so you pay less as you automatically scale.

The New Standard: Alchemy’s 4x Free Tier

As ecosystem builders, Alchemy is committed to creating better, more affordable, and reliable products. We’ve had massive technological improvements and economies of scale so we want to pass these benefits onto you and together we can help more people get into blockchain. This ensures that we're continuously putting all of our customers in a position to be massively successful. It is the vision and hard work from the tens of thousands of developers building on Alchemy that will be the lever that accelerates mass adoption for all of crypto and blockchain.

We took this ethos to heart when expanding our free tier by 4x from the previous capacity. Developers now have the power of 100mm compute units with access to complex, expensive features like full archive data, bespoke developer tooling, and analytics at no additional cost.

As the space continues to mature, developers need access to essential tools that enable them to support and build applications that weren’t possible before. With our Free Tier expanding from 25mm CU to 100mm CU, developers now have the ability to ship their products without having to worry about infrastructure costs on every supported blockchain on Alchemy including Ethereum, Crypto.com, Flow, Arbitrum, Optimism, and Polygon.

Over the last few years, we’ve already seen former free tier users like OpenSea, CryptoPunks, and Axie Infinity turn into massive success stories for the ecosystem. With this new initiative “Access for All Developers Program” we’ll see these incredible stories unfold at a higher velocity throughout the space.

The Growth Tier at Scale

As applications begin to gain traction and expand their functionality this is where Alchemy’s new Growth Tier becomes a perfect fit — with higher dedicated throughput and the ability to autoscale, this tier is already the infrastructure backbone of most quickly growing applications in the blockchain space.

Moving forward to make this even more developer-friendly, we’re doing two core things to continue enabling developers to scale effortlessly:

  1. Increasing the included Growth capacity by 300%

  2. Adding up to 20% deeper tiered discounts, so you pay less as you scale

With these improvements, every production application can now grow faster while paying ~20% less for its usage. Empowering teams to focus 100% of their time building their core application while we focus on running their infrastructure at scale will set them up to become the next application used by millions of users around the world.

Looking Ahead

Alchemy believes that these capacity and pricing updates will accelerate Web3 development and provide even more value to our new and existing customers alike. This pricing expansion is already our 2nd of this year alone and we will continue to reinvest into creating even better products at a lower cost for all of our customers. We view this ongoing commitment as an investment in the blockchain community to help individuals and early-stage projects have more capacity to build and experiment with decentralized applications without being constrained by computing capacity or cost, while also providing Growth Tier customers with more support and flexibility to meet growing demand from users.

Let us know what you think about the changes on Twitter @AlchemyPlatform and if you are a team scaling further beyond your current plan, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]. Let’s keep building together!

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