Launching Support for Account Abstraction on Zora and Frax

Launching Support for Account Abstraction on Zora and Frax

Author: Leeds Rising

Reviewed by Brady Werkheiser

Published on April 3, 20242 min read
aa support on frax and zora

We are excited to announce Account Abstraction support for Frax and Zora, two new layer 2 blockchains built on top of Optimism’s Superchain ecosystem!

What’s included?

All Account Abstraction features supported by Alchemy on existing chains are also supported on Zora and Frax. This includes:

Embedded Accounts

Embedded Accounts vertically integrate the Bundler, Light and Modular Account contracts, Signers, and the Account Abstraction SDK into a simple plug and play solution to make launching non-custodial accounts with familiar authentication flows easier than ever.

Enterprise-grade Modular Account Contracts

Modular Account is a twice-audited implementation of the ERC-6900 standard gives users the freedom to take custody of their own accounts, and extend smart wallet functionality with modular plugins (e.g. account recovery, spending limits, or recurring payments).

Alchemy Signer

The Alchemy Signer service lets you create an Embedded Account for your users with login flows for email, passkeys (i.e. biometrics), and social auth (soon)!

Account Abstraction Infrastructure

Alchemy’s AA infrastructure includes everything you need to sponsor transactions on behalf of users and land user operations onchain.

The Gas Manager APIs let you develop custom gas sponsorship policies to alleviate your customer's burden of paying for gas while the Bundler API offers the most scalable and reliable infrastructure for landing user operations onchain.


The Account Abstraction SDK is the most feature-complete developer kit for builders creating apps and wallets compatible with ERC-4337 and ERC-6900 on Frax and Zora.

How to start building with AA on Frax and Zora

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Follow these three steps to get started:

  1. Create an app on Zora or Frax from the Alchemy apps page

  2. Create an account config from the Accounts Manager Dashboard for your Zora or Frax app

  3. Integrate Embedded Accounts solution into your app however you see fit

For instructions on how to get started, follow the Embedded Accounts quickstart.

Want more?

Explore the Optimism Superchain Developer Console for developer tools and builder promotions from Alchemy and other infrastructure providers.

What is Fraxtal?

Fraxtal is a layer 2 blockchain built on Optimism that uses zero-knowledge rollups for improved scalability and security. Frax’s ecosystem includes a chain with native DeFi infrastructure and stablecoins FRAX, FPI, and frxETH.

What is Zora Network?

Zora Network is a creator-focused L2 with exceptional gas efficiency and scalability for NFT minting, powered by the Optimism tech stack. Zora’s primary product integrates the Zora network to provide a seamless experience for creators bringing media on-chain.

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