Alchemy Acquires ChainShot to Expand Free Access to Web3 Developer Education

Alchemy Acquires ChainShot to Expand Free Access to Web3 Developer Education

Author: Alchemy Team

Reviewed by Brady Werkheiser

Published on August 25, 20222 min read

At Alchemy, we wake up with one goal every day: Bring web3 to a billion people.

One of the greatest barriers to entry for web3 is education, and this presents a fundamental problem: The web3 space moves at a speed most educational institutions simply can’t match. The curriculum evolves almost daily as builders continue to redefine what’s possible using blockchain technology.

This is just one reason why we’re thrilled to announce we’ve acquired ChainShot — our first acquisition, and a major step towards free access to high-quality web3 education.

ChainShot helps developers onboard into web3 with their live and instructor-led Ethereum Developer bootcamp. Starting with blockchain fundamentals such as learning solidity, cryptographic hashes and digital signatures, ChainShot is committed to helping devs find their footing before moving on to more advanced concepts like MEV, delegate call and contract upgradability.

ChainShot began as a hackathon project at ETH Denver in 2018 and has built an impressive and loyal user base who consistently make waves in the web3 ecosystem upon graduation. A few of you might have even attended their online classes or live workshops at web3 conferences around the world.

They’ve seen explosive growth over the last 4 years and that growth has only accelerated over the last 12 months. Since January 2022, enrollment has almost tripled. More than 86% of students that enroll see the program through to graduation, and more than 50% of those secure a job within 6 months of graduating. Graduates have placed at some of the top blockchain companies and projects such as OpenSea, OpenZeppelin and Flashbots. Some have even gone on to build their own companies like Arbitrary Execution and Stader Labs.

ChainShot’s platform and educational content are a perfect complement to our fast-growing Web3U and Road To Web3 platforms, which have seen unprecedented growth this year. All this points to the unwavering developer interest in and enthusiasm for learning how to build in web3.

As for next steps, our goal is to make the integration of ChainShot’s programs and ours as smooth and seamless for students as possible. We’re still ironing out how the pieces will come together, but one thing is certain: all of ChainShot’s course content that previously cost upwards of $3,000 will be 100% free.

We’re delighted to welcome ChainShot into the Alchemy family, and look forward to helping hone the developer skillsets that will define the future of web3.

Sign up at ChainShot for product news and status updates on the integration of our two platforms. More exciting announcements to come soon!

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