Connext Teams Up With Alchemy To Enable A Multichain Ethereum Ecosystem.

Connext Teams Up With Alchemy To Enable A Multichain Ethereum Ecosystem.

Author: Alchemy Team

Reviewed by Brady Werkheiser

Published on October 26, 20212 min read

After a recent funding round of $12m co-led by ConsenSys Mesh and 1kx, with participation from Coinbase Ventures, OkEx Ventures, eGirl Capital, Hashed, Polygon’s Sandeep Nailwal, Optimism’s Jinglan Wan, and others, Connext is primed to be the leading protocol for fast transfers and contract calls between EVM-compatible systems. Connext enables cross chain swapping in as little as five minutes. Their recent round will be used to continue building up their rockstar team and scaling up their liquidity network, including their node infrastructure, ensuring a smooth and stable user experience as user-demand increases. 

As the leader for node infrastructure for both the Ethereum and L2 ecosystem, Alchemy is proud to be able to support companies like Connext. By working closely with their team, Alchemy is able to help Connext focus on building a pleasant user-experience through a robust, fast, and scalable node solution.

“Connext’s dedication to making a multichain ethereum landscape a reality is a mission that we share and are thrilled to support. Their team is top notch, both in terms of talent and drive, and Alchemy is excited to grow with them as more people start to adopt their protocols” - Elan Halpern, Co-Creator of Alchemy Amplify.

Connext utilizes Alchemy’s best-in-class platform to access the industry-leading Ethereum API and subsequent L2 blockchains, helping Connext effectively enable cross-chain swaps between EVM-compatible systems. By creating a singular point of entrance to the Ethereum and L2 ecosystems, Alchemy makes it easy for Connext to orchestrate token swaps fast and efficiently.

"Connext prides itself on working with the best companies in the industry in order to help it grow at a rapid pace. Alchemy has gone above and beyond, both in terms of product, customer service, and excellent monitoring and analytics tooling, to help Connext achieve its goals. We’re glad to be a partner of theirs and look forward to continue working with Alchemy as we scale.” - Rahul Sethuram, Tech Lead

As Connext aims to define the future of the Ethereum ecosystem, Alchemy is here to support them with a platform that aims to make Ethereum and L2 development as easy and simple as possible.

Connext is the leading protocol for fast, fully noncustodial transfers and contract calls between EVM-compatible systems. By focusing on speed and ease-of-use, developers are able to easily process crosschain token swaps through Connext. Their innovative approach of providing liquidity pools to help process token swaps has fundamentally changed the DeFi industry.

The company was founded in 2017 by Arjun Bhuptani, Layne Haber, and Rahul Sethuram with the mission to power decentralized networks to transform finance and put value back into the hands of individuals. Connext has recently raised $12m in funding from investors such as 1kx, Consensys Mesh, Coinbase Ventures, and many more.

Alchemy provides the leading blockchain development platform powering millions of users for 99% of countries worldwide. Our mission is to provide developers with the fundamental building blocks they need to create the future of technology and lower the barrier to entry for developers to build blockchain applications. Alchemy currently powers 70% of the top Ethereum applications and over $30 billion in on-chain transactions and has been featured on TechCrunch, Wired, Bloomberg, and numerous other media outlets. The Alchemy team draws from decades of deep expertise in massively scalable infrastructure, AI, and blockchain from leadership roles at technology pioneers like Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Stanford, and MIT.


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