Base Goerli Support Ending 2/9 - Migrate to Sepolia

Base Goerli Support Ending 2/9 - Migrate to Sepolia

Published on February 1, 20241 min read

On Monday 1/29, Base announced on Discord that their Goerli Testnet is scheduled to be spun down on February 9th. After that time, no new transactions will be able to be posted on the network. We will keep our nodes running for an extra week after this date.

On 2/16 we will turn off our Goerli nodes for Base. This means if you try to send requests to these nodes, your requests will fail with a DNS resolution error.

Required Actions for Developers

To ensure you’re able to continue testing seamlessly, you will need to migrate to Base Sepolia before 2/9.

Base Sepolia is the sustainable path forward for web3 developers and we encourage devs to use it for any testing and development needs.

Base Sepolia offers many benefits over Goerli, such as improved scalability and lower gas fees — all attributes we think will ultimately lead to better application development.

How to Migrate to Base Sepolia

how to get your base sepolia api key

Follow these 5 steps to migrate from Goerli to the Sepolia testnet on Base:

  1. Create a new app from the Alchemy dashboard on the Base Sepolia network.

  2. Get free Base Sepolia tokens from Alchemy's public Base Sepolia Faucet which drips up to 0.5 SepoliaETH per day.

  3. Change your API_URL to your Base Sepolia RPC URL: https://base-sepolia.g.alchemy.com/v2/[YOUR-API-KEY]

  4. Deploy your test contract to Base Sepolia.

  5. Change your tests to use the new contract.

For more detailed instructions, please reference the "How to Deploy a Smart Contract to the Sepolia Testnet" tutorial on our docs.

A Note on Other Chains:

We do not yet have a date where we will end support for Ethereum, Optimism, Arbitrum, zkEvm and Starknet Goerli nodes. We will keep you informed as we establish timelines for these chains.

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