AlchemyAI’s ChatWeb3 is Now in Public Beta

AlchemyAI’s ChatWeb3 is Now in Public Beta

Author: Alchemy Team

Reviewed by Brady Werkheiser

Published on August 31, 20232 min read

AlchemyAI is now available for all teams in the Alchemy dashboard

In June, we announced the launch of ChatWeb3, an in-app AI chat tool designed to revolutionize the way blockchain developers accelerate their web3 projects.

Trained on thousands of pages of trusted and battle-tested web3 documentation, ChatWeb3 is the ultimate assistant that provides specific and relevant answers to all your web3 development queries, right at your fingertips.

We are excited to announce that ChatWeb3 is now available for all Alchemy teams! Log into your Alchemy account and start pair programming with ChatWeb3 today!

What have we changed for the Public Beta?

Our team has been hard at work to make web3 development easier by improving our model, and upgrading our LLM to ChatGPT4 to provide more accurate answers.

One thing to note, is that free tier users will be using a model based on ChatGPT3.5; growth and enterprise tier teams will have access to AlchemyAI using ChatGPT4.

How have developers been using ChatWeb3?

The main developer use cases for ChatWeb3 are prototyping code, smart contracts, generating ERC20 contracts in Solidity, and more. Similar to Github CoPilot, devs have mentioned ChatWeb3 is like pair programming with the 10x engineer.

Because we are still in public beta there is still risk of hallucinations and inaccurate answers like most LLMs on the market today. Our team is looking to make our model as accurate as possible through rigorous testing, human feedback, prompt engineering, and training.

Have you heard about our Alchemy AI plugin?

We also have a ChatGPT plugin that allows developers and non-developers alike to get real-time blockchain information through natural language using Alchemy API endpoints.

You can learn more about The Alchemy ChatGPT Plugin in our docs!

Whats coming up next?

We’ve listened to your feedback and have begun building out your suggestions! Our vision for ChatWeb3 is to become the trusted hub for all web3 development queries, and your feedback is key to unlocking ChatWeb3’s full potential.

In the future, we plan to expand our training to other web resources like Foundry, expanding the amount of chain documentation we support like Solana, and improving the UX/UI to accommodate every developer — from beginners to gigabrains and everyone in between.

Access ChatWeb3 and start building 10x products!

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