Introducing Alchemy University

Introducing Alchemy University

Author: Elan Halpern

Reviewed by Brady Werkheiser

Published on October 5, 20224 min read

Education has always been core to Alchemy’s mission of bringing web3 to 1 billion people, and this is why we’re ecstatic to finally release Alchemy University!

What is Alchemy University?

Alchemy University (AU) is the ultimate resource for learning how to build in web3. The platform is built directly based on your requests for educational materials about web3. Oh and did we mention, it’s totally free?

Our focus at AU is to provide comprehensive material for web3 concepts that are accessible to everyone, from seasoned developers to n00bs. This includes an entire Ethereum Developer Bootcamp for developers in addition to a JavaScript Fundamentals course for those who are new to coding or unfamiliar with JavaScript. AU will also include our flagship project-based learning path: Road to web3.

We believe this will fundamentally change the web3 education space - making credible resources and core concepts widely available to anyone who wants to learn, regardless of their financial background.

Why courses?

Over the years we’ve continued to produce written tutorials, videos, blog posts and even overviews for web3 concepts for our community. These have helped thousands of developers get their start in web3; even some of the largest existing web3 companies first learned how to build smart contracts by going through our intro to smart contracts tutorials.

However, while one-off tutorials and projects can be helpful for learning specific concepts, we’ve heard time and again that learners desire a course that takes them from 0 to 100 in becoming a web3 developer.

What type of content will be offered on AlchemyU?

Alchemy University will contain comprehensive educational courses, starting with the fundamentals, and taking you all the way to expert, even for those who have never coded before!

We firmly believe that in order to truly master programming skills, you need to start from the basics, which is why we brought on the ChainShot team to offer their $3000 Ethereum Developer Bootcamp for free, so more developers can gain the skills required to master web3 development

In the initial launch, AU will provide three primary education paths:

  1. JavaScript Fundamentals: 3 week crash course to learn how to code and become a JavaScript expert, a core foundation to web3 development. No experience necessary.

  2. Ethereum Developer Bootcamp: 7 week bootcamp with interactive coding challenges, video lessons, projects and expert instructors to teach you to build smart contracts, master solidity, and become a web3 developer.

  3. Road to web3 (project based learning): 10 hands on web3 projects for you to build from the ground up with videos, written tutorials, starter code, and a community of thousands of developers.

We will also debut a new resource for developers that are looking for pre-built code repositories to bootstrap their development process without having to build from scratch: starter code.

If you have specific starter code requests, feel free to fill out this form.

Is Alchemy University just for developers?

Alchemy University’s content will be technical and geared entirely towards existing developers or those interested in becoming developers. However, no prior coding experience is necessary to start with Alchemy University.

In the future we envision Alchemy University being a place where anyone is able to learn anything about web3, including non-technical concepts.

No matter where you are on your learning journey, Alchemy University will provide top tier materials to get you on the right track:

New to coding? Everyone’s gotta start somewhere, we got you.

Even if you’ve never coded before, don’t worry, you’re in good hands. In fact, we know plumbers, chefs, lawyers, and pretty much every background you can think of who come to Alchemy to learn how to build in web3. We now have a place where you can go to gain both the fundamentals of software engineering and web3 development, regardless of your background.

We recommend starting with our JavaScript fundamentals course then moving to the Ethereum Developer Bootcamp and taking the world by a storm 🚀.

Experienced web2 developer? You’ve come to the right place, get ready to become a Pro.

If you have some software engineering experience but are new to web3 development, Alchemy University will provide the pathway for you to become a fully-fledged web3 engineer.

We recommend beginning with the Ethereum Developer Bootcamp to gain your web3 foundations with hands on projects and coding lessons.

Experienced or dabbled in web3 development? They don’t make many like you, we’re here to level you up

You may have dabbled in smart contract development, built an NFT contract for fun, or are a top engineer at a web3 company. Regardless, we have resources to level you up as a developer.

If you’re looking to lock in your foundations, the Ethereum Developer Bootcamp is a great place to start. From there, you can delve into project based learning in Road to web3 or starter code if you’re ready to start building! The world is your 🦪

Why is Alchemy continuing to invest in education?

Education is a crucial aspect of making web3 more accessible and understandable to everyone, especially developers. We’ve heard time and again from our users that it’s difficult to find trustworthy, comprehensive, and beginner-friendly web3 developer education, so we decided to build it from the ground up.

Our vision is to make it easy for developers to build in web3. We started with infrastructure, developer tooling, and abstractions, and education is the next step. At Alchemy University, we’re building the starting point of a developer’s journey into web3.

How can I get started with Alchemy University?

You can get started by visiting university.alchemy.com and embarking on your web3 learning journey! In the meantime if you want to learn more about solidity, check out our overviews for learning solidity.

Upon initial launch, all Alchemy University courses will be invite-only to ensure we’re providing the best possible experience before launching to the public - hang tight! We’ll be releasing these to the public very soon. In the meantime, to apply to join our early-access invite group fill out the application form.

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