The Graph's Hosted Service is Shutting Down - Migrate Now

The Graph's Hosted Service is Shutting Down - Migrate Now

Author: Vinny Mullin

Reviewed by Brady Werkheiser

Published on May 29, 20241 min read
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Subgraphs are a crucial component of the web3 application layer, enabling developers to query data directly from GraphQL APIs. This capability is vital for the efficient functioning of decentralized applications (dapps), as it allows for the seamless retrieval of relevant data.

The Graph's Hosted Service is Being Deprecated: What It Means for You

The landscape of subgraph hosting is undergoing significant changes. Recently, The Graph announced the deprecation of its hosted service, effective June 12, 2024.

This shift forces users to either:

  1. Adopt The Graph’s decentralized network

  2. Migrate to alternative hosted subgraph solutions

Because transitioning to the decentralized network involves purchasing and staking $GRT tokens and investing non-trivial amounts of engineering resources, migrating to alternatives like Alchemy are easy, not disruptive, and sustainable long term.

Alchemy Subgraphs: A 1:1 Alternative to The Graph's Hosted Service

Alchemy Subgraphs offer a 1:1 replacement for The Graph’s Hosted Service but with enhanced performance. Users migrating from The Graph will experience a similar hosted environment, with data lag reduced by 50% and backfilling speeds up to five times faster.

Developers can migrate subgraphs to Alchemy in under five minutes, benefiting from an ultra-fast and user-friendly experience.

How to Get Started

Migrating your hosted subgraph from The Graph to Alchemy is straightforward and fast. Watch the migration video below and follow the linked migration guide.

For more details about migrating and deploying your subgraphs, read the hosted subgraph docs.

1:1 Onboarding Assistance

At Alchemy, we are committed to providing the best subgraphs experience in web3. If you are affected by The Graph’s deprecation, we offer personalized onboarding support.

For 1:1 migration assistance, please schedule a call within the Alchemy Subgraphs dashboard, and our team will guide you through the migration process!

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