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How to Migrate Hosted Subgraphs to Alchemy

How to Migrate Hosted Subgraphs to Alchemy

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Written by Vinny Mullin

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Reviewed by Brady Werkheiser

Published on 2024-05-291 min read

migrate from the graph to alchemy

Alchemy Subgraphs is a hosted subgraph service with fast indexing speeds, community subgraphs access, and more. Migrating your subgraph to Alchemy is easy, especially if you’re switching from The Graph's Hosted Service which is sunsetting on June 12th, 2024.

How to Migrate from The Graph's Hosted Subgraphs to Alchemy in 5 Steps

Follow the below steps to get up to 5x faster backfill speeds and up to 50% less data lag:

  1. Go to alchemy.com and click Sign in (or create an account if you’re new to Alchemy)

  2. Navigate to the ‘Subgraphs’ tab in the Alchemy Dashboard

  3. Once in the Subgraphs dashboard, scroll down and click on ‘Import from The Graph’

  4. Copy your subgraph’s URL and paste it into URL bar

  5. Click 'Submit'

That's it! Your migrated subgraph will now appear in the dashboard and begin indexing!

For 1:1 migration assistance, please schedule a call within the Alchemy Subgraphs dashboard.

If you’re looking for a faster subgraph service, Alchemy Subgraphs is the best choice.

To learn more, read our Hosted Subgraphs, read the docs or contact sales.

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