Announcing the first-ever Web3 30 award winners 🏆

Announcing the first-ever Web3 30 award winners 🏆

Author: Alchemy Team

Reviewed by Brady Werkheiser

Published on March 27, 20233 min read

Winners of web3’s community choice awards revealed!

Today’s the day! We’re thrilled to announce the winners of the Web3 30: community-driven awards celebrating the best and brightest web3 projects, as voted by you.

Over the past couple of months, we’ve received thousands of nominations and votes for chains, dapps, tools, DAOs, protocols and more - all loved and valued by web3 enthusiasts across the globe.

But only thirty made the final cut!

Ready to find out who they are?

Drumroll please, fam… 🥁

Dapps and dapp tooling

The “Dapps and Dapp Tooling” category was the most competitive category for this year’s Web3 30 because it included the following categories from the Alchemy Dapp Store: DeFi dapps and tools, NFT dapps and tools, and trading tools.

The top 10 dapps and dapp tooling winners for the 2023 Web3 30 awards are:

  • 1inch - Decentralized exchange aggregator powering flexible swaps and trades

  • Aave - A best-in-class borrowing and lending platform for digital assets built on Ethereum

  • Binance - The largest crypto exchange in the world in terms of daily crypto trading volumes

  • Blur - NFT marketplace for professional traders

  • Collab.Land - Community management tool that curates membership based on token ownership

  • Mirror World - A web3 app development platform helping devs build, grow and monetize

  • OpenSea - The most popular and widely used NFT marketplace

  • Slingshot - A popular Ethereum-based swapping protocol with 0% fees

  • Uniswap - The first Ethereum-based DEX enabling ERC-20 token swaps with liquidity pools

  • Zapper - Explore and discover opportunities across NFTs, DAOs and DeFi

Developer and infra

In the second-most competitive category for “Developer and Infra,” nominees spanned the following Dapp Store categories: Solidity tools, infrastructure tools, web3 developer tools, and blockchains.

The top 8 developer and infrastructure winners for the 2023 Web3 30 awards are:

  • 101 - An education platform for anyone to learn about blockchain technology

  • Alchemy University - The best Solidity bootcamp for learning Ethereum development

  • Arbitrum - Low-cost, layer 2 solution that is ideal for building secure Ethereum dapps

  • BNB Chain - One of the largest blockchains in terms of transaction volume and DAUs

  • Ethereum - Leading layer 1 blockchain that powers 1000s of decentralized applications

  • Layer 3 - Layer3 is a community platform to learn about web3

  • Optimism - Low-cost and lightning-fast Ethereum L2 blockchain

  • Polygon - Ethereum sidechain offering low transaction fees and fast transaction speeds

Wallets and security

With the proliferation of EOA wallets, the rise of smart contract wallets, and new wallet security tools meant to protect users and prevent the loss of funds, we are proud to highlight the teams leading the effort.

The top 6 wallet and security winners for the 2023 Web3 30 awards are:

  • Argent - A leading smart contract wallet on Ethereum and Layer 2s

  • Coinbase Wallet - An EVM software wallet built by the leading US crypto exchange

  • ENS - Decentralized usernames for wallets, websites, and more

  • MetaMask - The most popular Ethereum wallet in the world

  • Phantom - The #1 Solana wallet with multichain support for Ethereum and Polygon

  • Zerion - Cryptocurrency wallet that lets users manage their DeFi and NFT portfolios

DAOs and tooling

Communities are the backbone of web3. The “DAOs and DAO Tooling” category celebrates the stewards of decentralized autonomous organizations and the tools that empower distributed communities to work together in a safe and scalable way.

The top 3 DAO and DAO tooling winners for the 2023 Web3 30 awards are:

  • Guild - An automated community creation and management tool

  • Snapshot - A gasless decentralized voting protocol for DAOs

  • Tally - An all-in-one tool that helps DAOs govern better

Gaming and social

With the close of the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco last week, we’ve seen an incredible surge of interest in web3 gaming and web3 social.

Like many people in web3, we are excited by the potential of bringing millions of new people into web3 through play-to-earn games and decentralized social media.

The top 3 gaming and social winners for the 2023 Web3 30 awards are:

  • Lenster - Decentralized and permissionless social media app built with Lens Protocol

  • Mirror - A web3 publishing platform similar to Medium built on blockchain technology

  • The Sandbox - A 3D play-to-earn (P2E) game that allows users to create and monetize NFTs

Prizes incoming 🚀

Winners and nominees share in epic prizes, including trophies, NFTs providing access to events and co-working visits, shout-outs to 500K+ web3 enthusiasts, Lens Protocol handles, and swag!

Keep an eye out for their celebratory posts on Twitter and LinkedIn to congratulate all of these awesome builders.

Didn’t make the cut this year? No sweat!

We have a bunch of exciting opportunities to help take your project to the next level in time for next year’s Web3 30.

Check out our WAGBI Developer Grants and Alchemy Amplify for all the deets!

And don’t forget to join our community on Twitter for all the latest web3 tools and alpha.

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