WAGBI: Alchemy’s $25M Developer Grant

Introducing WAGBI Grants (We're All Gonna Build It 👷🛠️)! We're committing $25 million to help developers continue building DeFi protocols, NFT experiences, or any project that helps bring web3 to the world. Each project may be eligible to receive up to $50,000 in credits.
Applications are now open and grants will be rolling out early July.
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Late August
Rinkeby is no longer
supported on Alchemy.*
Ropsten is no longer
supported on Alchemy.
Kovan is no longer
supported on Alchemy.
Late Q3
Mainnet Merge lands.*
Early Q3
Goerli merges to PoS.
Ropsten merged to PoS.


Who are the WAGBI Grants for?

We launched the WAGBI Grants to encourage new builders to get into web3 and start building the next NFT marketplace, DeFi protocol or anything else that will further the ecosystem. Given the macro market conditions, there are many would-be builders who see the headlines and think “I guess now’s not the time for me to get involved.” It’s this exact group, the “would-be builders,” that we want to support.

How do WAGBI grants compare to Alchemy's existing free tier option?

When will I find out if I’ve received a WAGBI grant?

What was the motivation behind the WAGBI Grants?

How will I be able to use the credits from the WAGBI grant?

Terms & Conditions

Alchemy reserves the right to choose who is accepted into the program and how much is allocated
Alchemy reserves the right to terminate a user’s participation in the program at any time due in our sole discretion
Full eligibility requirements: 
· Create an Alchemy account and link credit card
· Be a company/DAO formed within the last 2 years
· Have $2.5m or less in total funds raised
· Have a live website and be willing to add the Alchemy Certified Infrastructure badge to the homepage 
· Commit to at least 1 co-marketing initiative annually with Alchemy
· Commit to a 2-yr contract with Alchemy

Full Terms & Conditions can be found here