zkSync is live on Alchemy!

zkSync is live on Alchemy!

Published on May 1, 20243 min read
zksync is live

We're thrilled to announce that we’re rolling out support for zkSync, a cutting-edge, EVM-compatible zero-knowledge rollup L2 solution.

By combining zkSync’s hyperscalable zk-powered technology with Alchemy's powerful developer tools, we're empowering developers to build fast, affordable, and user-friendly onchain apps.

Starting today, developers can begin building on zkSync Mainnet and zkSync Sepolia Testnet, and will have access to Alchemy Supernode, enhanced APIs and Alchemy Signer for embedded accounts.

Explore our zkSync quickstart guide to get started!

zkSync: Scaling freedom

zkSync is an L2 solution that scales Ethereum's security and values through zero-knowledge proofs. It offers improved security and fast finality, allowing developers to build and deploy onchain apps more easily, while users benefit from lower transaction costs and enhanced security.

Why build on zkSync with Alchemy?

Seamless scaling with best-in-class infrastructure

zkSync offers the highest recorded TPS and cheapest rollup costs during high load periods. Powered by the advanced Boojum prover and state-difference architecture, zkSync Era ensures unmatched performance and cost-efficiency at scale.

By building on zkSync Era with Alchemy, you'll benefit from our reliable, scalable, and accurate web3 infrastructure, ensuring a seamless developer experience.

Account abstraction

As the first EVM-compatible chain with native account abstraction, zkSync lets you enable your users to pay gas fees in any ERC20 token, or even subsidize transaction costs for your users.

You can also program customizable security parameters and wallet recovery options for your users. Alchemy Signer takes this further by providing secure signers for smart accounts and enabling you to build embedded accounts using only an Alchemy API key.

Together, zkSync Era and Alchemy make it easier than ever to onboard new users to web3.

High EVM compatibility

zkSync is the first EVM-compatible rollup secured by zero-knowledge proofs. You can just copy and paste your Solidity code and deploy on zkSync with your existing Ethereum infrastructure.

Alchemy supports all major EVM chains, providing a unified platform to build and scale your onchain apps on zkSync Era and other EVM chains.

If you're new to Solidity, Alchemy University's course will help you get up to speed quickly.


zkSync is one of the most secure L2s through its commitment to security audits and a robust ZK proof system. They have invested over $5 million in audits from OpenZeppelin and Halborn among others, as well as competitive audits through Code4Arena and Immunefi.

Additionally, zkSync has had a working ZK proof system live since day one, setting them apart from other L2s that may not have fraud proofs activated.

Alchemy, being SOC 2 Type 2 compliant, reinforces the security infrastructure by conducting regular security testing, employing encryption both at rest and in transit, and implementing DDoS protection.

zkSync is one the most exciting and fast-growing ecosystems in the web3 space. We're thrilled to bring the power of our full developer platform to their dedicated developer community. With our best-in-class RPCs, enhanced API and Alchemy Signer, we'll make it easier than ever for zkSync developers to build and scale their dapps.

Monica Garde, Product Lead at Alchemy

Building on ZkSync? Alchemy is your go-to solution

zkSync and Alchemy share a vision: to empower developers with the best-in-class infrastructure and tools they need to build fast, affordable, and innovative dapps.

Leading dapp developers across DeFi, NFT marketplaces, and web3 games are already building on zkSync with Alchemy, such as Across Protocol, an interoperability protocol powered by intents, secured by UMA’s Optimistic Oracle.

The Across bridge relies on having highly accurate and live data from many networks, and therefore Alchemy has been essential to Across’ ability to support new chains quickly without experiencing liveness issues on existing chains. Our private developer support channel has been critical to our great experience with Alchemy.

Nick Pai, Engineer at Across Protocol

Building with Alchemy gives zkSync developers immediate access to:

  • Supernode, the most reliable and scalable infrastructure to build web3 dapps

  • Alchemy’s suite of products, including NFT API, Token API, Transfers API, and Webhooks

  • Developer tools like alerts, sandbox, logs, and a user-friendly dashboard interface

  • World-class 24/7 engineering support

zkSync use cases

zkSync has emerged as a top choice for developers looking to build fast, secure, and cost-effective web3 dapps. Here are a few top use cases in the zkSync ecosystem.

Decentralized Finance

DeFi is blossoming on zkSync. As of April 30, 2024, the zkSync ecosystem achieved a Total Value Locked (TVL) exceeding $725M, with more than $150M being locked in DeFi projects.

ZkSync Era’s higher throughput and lower costs for developers and users have attracted top DeFi projects like SyncSwap, zkSwap, zerolend.xyz, koi.finance, and HoldStation.

NFT collectibles and marketplaces

Pudgy Penguins has partnered with Walmart to sell Pudgy Toys, which grants access to Pudgy World, an immersive digital experience built on zkSync and Ethereum.

By leveraging zkSync's zero-knowledge blockchain technology, Pudgy World offers fast, affordable, and accessible Web3 experiences to mainstream consumers.

Government-issued digital identity

Buenos Aires is collaborating with QuarkID to issue self-sovereign digital identification services to its citizens, powered by zkSync. This initiative aims to provide secure, transparent, and privacy-preserving digital identity solutions to Argentina.

Start building on zkSync with Alchemy today!

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